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So, now that I have found a safe place for my angel I think I can talk about a few other things that happened in that episode.

spoiler for Supernatural 7x02 )
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Okay, I have read quite a few other views and opinions, positive and negative by now, so I think it's time for a (hopefully) a little more coherent recap. Nope, sorry, coherency is apparently not going to happen with this episode.

SPOILER for Supernatural 7x01 )
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First of all: Can we get Misha an award already? Emmy? Oscar? Every award ever?
I knew he was good, but this... I mean... I'm completely lost for words. I officially declare Misha Collins the best actor to ever have graced my screen. Just wow!

Second of all: I expected a lot of things when going into this episode. I did not expect this.
I did not end up a sobbing mess, even though there were quite a few gasps and tears, not gonna lie. I did not end up raging and screaming and throwing things at my screen.
Quite the contrary. This episode was pretty much perfect. If the storyline as a whole works, will have to be seen next week. But for now, Show and I are good again.
I feel infinitely better about things now. And at the same time infinitely worse and more worried. But in the right way. I think.

incoherent rambling and spoilers under the cut )
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Okay, I'm somewhat calm now. Still devastated, and angry, and so not okay with this, but calm. And I have decided that I am going to have this whole mess make sense somehow, if it kills me - and it just might, as I'll have to rewatch (parts of) the episodes for this.

So this is going to be less of a review, and more of a first attempt on my personal head canon, where I just might end up ignoring and re-interpreting scenes left and right if I have to. I'm also stealing from ideas I read on LJ and tumblr. So I can't take credit for everything, I'm just putting stuff together, and hope that it'll somehow hold.

spoiler for Supernatural 6x21 and 6x22, and a lot of things that don't make sense. Yet. )
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Dear Ben Edlund:
I hate you. Marry me?

Okay, attempting to write that review now. I have a feeling I may end up quoting pretty much the entire episode.

Supernatural 6x20 )

Two weeks? Really? I'm so glad I'll have the con to distract me.
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Supernatural 6x19 )

Teaser for next week's episode now. *scared*
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I'll be honest: I was extremely spoiled for the episode, and I didn't expect too much from it. Aside from some fun thanks to a certain character maybe. Boy, was I wrong. See, season 6, this is how amazing you can be.

Supernatural 6x17 )
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Before I actually watched the episode, I was planning on an epic post about spoiler for Supernatural 6x15 )
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Supernatural 6x10 )
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Supernatural 6x07 )
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I enjoyed Fringe from the beginning but, let's be honest, in season 1 the storyline was pretty much all over the place. Things seemed a lot more structured in season 2 but, at least to me, the show still felt a little unbalanced at times. But now, in season 3, all the background is laid and the show seems to have really found itself.

Spoiler for Fringe 3x04 )
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This, ladies and gentlemen, this is my show. Hilarious one moment, heartbreaking the next, full of great characters - two characters, specifically - and gore. I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoyed this episode.

Supernatural 6x03 )

Erm, okay?

Sep. 25th, 2010 01:00 pm
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Instant reaction rambling about the season premiere of Supernatural:

Supernatural 6x01 )

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