Feb. 28th, 2013

gwaevalarin: (Adrian)
Do you realize that, while we know quite a few angels, we hardly know anything about their vessels? We know Jimmy and Nick, and the Winchester bloodline, and we get a small glimpse of the poor soul who said yes to Raphael, that's it. Do you ever wonder who the other vessels were, the people who were approached by an angel to hand over their bodies, and said yes. How were they treated by these beautiful and stunning, powerful and frightening creatures while being trapped with them in a body that was suddenly too small and infinitely large all at once? Did they ever regret their decision?

How about some head canon?

There is nothing more personal than sharing a body )

By the way, does anyone know a website that has photos for free online use? I need them to illustrate some angel wing colour head canon I have.

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