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It's almost tradition at this point that my parents take me to the zoo for my birthday. It is also sort of tradition that this day is one of the first sunny and warm days of the year. And, of course, it is tradition that I bring my camera and take pictures:

Beware of cute and dangerous animals alike )
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Happy birthday, to one of the most brilliantly insane, talented, kind, and generally awesome human beings I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

No matter where your path will lead you in the nex months and years - be it Supernatural, Divine, other projects, or crazy scavenger hunts like GISHWHES - there is no doubt that I will follow. In a, you know, non-creepy way. ;)

Thank you, Misha, for treating us all like friends rather than a bunch of crazy fangirls, thank you for being an inspiration, for making me laugh, for making me cry with your performance, for making my favourite character come to life, thank you for sharing your life with us the way you do, thank you for trusting us with pictures and videos of your family, your son, thank you for never getting tired of meeting up with us at conventions, thank you for just being you.

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... (minus the 8 and 9 weeks resp. they spent with mommy) these two little balls of fur entered my life:

One to go his own ways and explore the world five years later so that meeting him is a special occasion every time.
One to stay and brighten every single day of my life.

Happy Birthday Ronja and (a week from now) Bandit!
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Happy birthday to the best imaginary friend and wife in the world.
I sent Jenson and Sammy to you this morning already so they can help Frederick spoil you all day. *hugs*
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] verena158!
I hope you'll have a great day and an even greater year that maybe brings you a little closer to Canada. At least it'll get you to England twice.

You'll get this in real later today. ;)
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Happy 9th birthday, sweetheart!
Stay the awesome and beautiful girl you are. Even keep your creativity when it comes to waking me up in the middle of the night.
*brings lots of cooked ham and basil cheese and cuddles ronja*
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] dimturien !

I'm really sorry, but I'm afraid your present won't be delivered until May and you'll have to pick it up in Coventry:

Have a great day and see you later. *hugs*
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Exactly four years ago a little fairychild came into my life.

Happy Foundday, Elanor!

*Technically it's not her birthday but the day we found her.
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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Schatz! *ganzdollflausch*

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