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If this were a completely new show with characters I've never seen before, I'm not sure what I'd be thinking about that first scene, Considering it's Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus, it was pretty damn funny.

Giving this show a clean slate, and Elijah does feel more like my Elijah in this first few scenes, flashback and modern day. Here is hoping that it may last.

"Guest starring: Nathaniel Buzolic"

Why does Seb's name only turn up so late in the opening credits?

This witch does not seem very afraid of or even concerned around Elijah. I thought she knows who he is.

Hello, Marcel!

Wow! Marcel has presence. I love it!
I'm here for my favourite family of vampires, but I have little doubt that watching Marcel will be the most fun. Not to mention that he is the one who just does and takes what Klaus always whines about wanting to do and have.

Phone call between Elijah and Rebekah and yay for Rebekah saying she's had enough of Niklaus's escapades. Of course she still loves him, but she is not willing to let him ruin her life any longer, and she is half trying to convince Elijah not to get involved in this either and to stop cleaning up Klaus's messes. But Elijah still desperately clings to family, to "always and forever". It's what drives him.

Elijah and his thing for ripping out hearts, and Sophie has the good senses to be frightened.

Now this part is all very familiar, even if it's told in slightly different scenes. I guess they have to bring the people who don't watch TVD up to speed.

Oh, Hayley has never met Elijah before? I wasn't aware of that.

Not sure how I feel about Elijah's 'You carry my brother's child? That means you're adopted into the family. Here let me share our life story with you.' approach.

But yay flashbacks!

Old flashbacks, though.

"And for better or worse, we were happy." I'm taking that as Mikael can't have been that bad back when. Not to mention Elijah acknowledged that surviving was difficult, and guess who's responsibility it was that they still did?

Ahhhhh! Mikael looking for Niklaus and he sounds worried. Mikael holding back Elijah and standing in front of him protectively. His arm, his hand, shielding his son. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

And yes, that reaction of calling Niklaus an "abomination" was harsh and wrong, but can you imagine? Remember what the wolves did to his family? They killed his youngest son, an innocent child. They threatened them and forced them to live in fear. Can you imagine how much he must hate them? And now he finds out that one of his own children is one of them - and I think it's pretty obvious that he didn't know - so yes, horrible first reaction that may have done a lot of damage, but still just a first reaction born out of fear and pain.

Oh god, Elijah, staring at Niklaus, and then quickly looking over to his father in what I like to believe is him searching for guidance but finding something he can't go with because Niklaus is his brother no matter what and he wants their father to see that too. He look so young and torn and just doesn't know what to believe anymore.

And while he may not agree with Mikael here, he looks up to and loves his father and you will not convince me otherwise.

And no matter how much the show tries to sell Mikael as horrible and evil, I can see the pain and desperation behind what he is doing. Does that mean I agree with it? No, not at all. Do I think that what he did is something no one should ever do to their own children (or well, someone they raised as their own)? You can bet I do.
But please don't forget that Mikael in those scenes is not exactly thinking rationally. He is haunted by his decision to turn his family. He is still haunted by the death of his youngest. And now he has just learned that one of his children is a werewolf. He's watching his life and his family fall apart and he probably blames himself for most of it. That doesn't excuse his behaviour, not at all, but it does explain it.

And when Hayley calls him a dick, Elijah's little smile says: 'Yes, he was. But he was also my father.'

I don't think that there still was a deep bond between Elijah and Mikael, after so long. I don't think Elijah's world fell apart when Mikael died. But I don't think Elijah could ever hate his father either. I think Elijah moved on from his parents a long time ago, and the man he feels hunted him too by hunting his brother (even though he never did and would never have harmed Elijah)? I think Elijah protected himself by hardly letting himself associate him with the man who raised him.

Can Hayley please get a more active role in this whole baby story considering she is the one carrying it?

"What an entirely unwelcome surprise." - "And what an entirely unsurprising welcome."
I already liked this the first time around and I still do.

No seriously, can everyone stop treating Hayley like property? She is a person. Hello?

Does anyone else have the strong urge to shake Elijah out of this? I'm not sure, it might actually even make some sense for him to react this way but: Elijah do you hear yourself? Please take a step back and look at the whole picture and everyone involved. If you then decide that you don't give a shit about Hayley or her child as more than a symbol or anything or anyone else outside your own desperation for turning your family back into what it once used to be - which can never happen anyway - then fine. But please see that first. Because right now you seem to think you're doing something noble, and you're not.

To be entirely honest, the Kolijah shipper in me wants to link Elijah's behavior to the loss of Kol. That he just can't deal with his brother's death and that something in his mind just snapped leading to him acting this way. That would, in some way, show him as his fathers son; except that Elijah still appears calm, which makes it even scarier.

So far I'm feeling pretty indifferent towards the witches in general, and Sophie in particular.

Marcel! As a general rule, not taking any of Klaus' bs.

"What's mine is yours, but it is mine."
This line will never be any less awesome.

I love that Elijah calls his little sister for... well, not exactly advise. And a good thing too, Elijah really needs Rebekah around to smack some sense back into him. When did she become the most reasonable member of their family?

Oh, Marcel and Elijah. This is going to be interesting.

Can those two have more scenes together, please? There is a lot of snark on both sides but also something resembling respect that comes from their not underestimating the other. I like that a lot better than Klaus going all 'You stole my toys' on Marcel. This feels like another glimpse of the Elijah I know.

Elijah's little speech about being pathetic and hope of making his family whole, and the pain in his eyes when he says it, gives me a little bit hope that they might actually go for a storyline that has Elijah realise at some point that he wasn't acting rational and too wrapped up in his own pain.
Yeah, they probably won't, but at the very least I can headcanon it for now.

Oh, great, now we're making Mikael the Bad Guy and blame everything that ever happened on him. I'll just pretend I didn't hear that part where Elijah talks about how he should have killed his own father, and assume that he meant he should have stood up to their father when Mikael was wrong, and otherwise stick to what I wrote earlier.

But damn it, I can't resist Elijah when he looks sad and desperate like this. No matter how much I don't agree with his current behaviour, I just want to hug him and promise him that everything is going to be okay.

Huh, did Klaus just admit that Marcel has bettered him?

Wait, didn't Klaus already have "the unconditional love of family"? Or what would you call Elijah and Rebekah sticking with him through the centuries?

"So I'm curious. In all this time has anyone ever asked you how you feel?"
Elijah treating Hayley like a person! Elijah asking her how she feels about the entire situation! Hallelujah!

"About having a miracle baby with a psychotic one night stand?"
Yes, exactly that!

"About being a mother."
Or not. *sigh*

The more often Elijah brings up their vow, the emptier it sounds to me.

Huh, I did not see this coming. I'm not exactly surprised either though. I guess that means we'll need Rebekah to make it to New Orleans soon so he can undagger Elijah.
And if I'm completely honest, I hope that this has at least some effect on how Elijah sees the situation.

So, Kol's guest appearance was just that short moment in the coffin then? :(

Overall: This show has its issues, the biggest one being the treatment of Hayley. Particularly from Elijah, not because he treats her worse but because I'd expect better from him. If they could get this under control and if the show doesn't take sides too much, I think I could be content with the spin-off. It makes me sad that content is the best I can see right now considering how much I wanted this. This is obviously not the Originals spin-off I've been dreaming about but I'm still willing to make that compromise for having a show with my favourites as the main characters for once. But they need to stay the characters I fell in love with and, unfortunately, that's not a given at this point.
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