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First of all I have to say that this time things ran really smoothly. Apart from Saturday morning we were pretty much always on time which has to be a first. There was no standing around in queues for ages either and despite having 6 photo ops and two coffee lounges I missed very little of the panels. The attendees were amazing too, there where hardly any inappropriate questions and the guests were simply fantastic and just had a great chamistry together.

Misha, Aldis, Julie, Jake, Fred and Jason Panel )

Misha Coffee Lounge )

Misha Panel )

Jake and Julie Panel )

Fredric Panel )

Autographs Misha, Jake and Julie )

Aldis Panel )

All guests )
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Here's a collection of all things Misha at this year's Comic Con:

Geeking out for kale )

I will update this entry if new stuff turns up. Please tell me if I missed anything. Same goes if I forgot to credit you.


27/07/10: Added some new photos and two videos.
28/07/10: More pictures and one video.
29/07/10: Still more photos and another video.
30/07/10: And one more video
31/07/10: And the videos keep coming. Added one more.
09/08/10: One more video
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How soon is now
Fandom: Charmed/Supernatutal
made by: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Song: "How soon is now" by Love Spit Love
Characters: mainly Chris and Sam
Spoiler: clips from SPN Season 1 and 2 and Charmed Season 6 to 8
Summary: Chris Halliwell and Sam Winchester have quite some things in common.
Length: 3:31 min

watch and download )

Enjoy and tell me what you think.
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Windows Movie Maker is seriously driving me crazy (not just) today. And I haven't even started vidding yet. I'm just importing the video files and WMM is already giving me cryptic errors and then freezes and I have to restart my whole system. Gah!

Is there any other vidding program anyone of you can recommend? I'm not really willing to spend much money since I'm not spending that much time on making videos - but that could change if it wasn't so annoying most of the time - nor do I need some complex professional program. I only need a program that lets me put together video and audio files, offers me some basic transition effects, end titles etc. And that works without freezing all the fucking time.

I'll go now and give WMM another chance. After all it's still better than Video Impression. *sighs*
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All these lives
Fandom: Supernatutal
made by: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Song: "All these lives" by Daughtry
Characters: The Winchesters, YED and his victims
Spoiler: general spoiler for both seasons including the finale
Summary: YED destroyed many lives in one way or another but the Winchester family bond is too strong for him to break.
Length: 3:29 min

watch and download )

Enjoy! :)

New video

May. 24th, 2007 12:38 pm
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I made a new Supernatural vid. This was the first time I used Windows Movie Maker. The program can be a pain in the ass but it's still so much better than the one I used to work with.

Don't let go
Fandom: Supernatutal
made by: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Song: "Don't let go" by The Rasmus
Characters: Sam and Dean with appearances by the psykids, Bobby, Ash and YED
Spoiler: major spoiler for 2x21 All Hell Breakes Loose Part 1, clips used from different episodes up to 2x22
Warning: angst, you may need tissues
Summary: After all they've been through together Dean can't lose Sam
length: 3.38 min

watch and download )
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This is sort of the first video I've ever made a while before I made my SPN-vids. I just took the song and my Charmed season 6 clips and played around with them to figure out how to use my VideoImpression. I never planned to upload it but when I watched it again a few days ago I thought that though it doesn't really have a concept it didn't turn out too bad. So I just added one or two scenes and here it is:

Fandom: Charmed
made by: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Song: Staind - "It's been awhile"
Characters: mainly Chris with appearances by the rest of the Halliwell family
Spoiler: all through season 6, I guess
Length: 4:30 min
Download: RapidShare (avi, zipped, 69.9 MB)
RapidShare (mpg, zipped, 19.9 MB)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Please don't upload elsewhere. If the links have expired just leave a comment and I'll upload again.
Feedback is very much appreciated.
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These are my first attempts at making song videos. I hope you enjoy them.

Bad time to be in love
Fandom: Supernatural
made by: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Song: Grand Funk Railroad - "Bad time to be in love"
Categorie: romance
characters/pairing: Sam/Sarah
Spoiler: 1x19 "Provenance"
Length: 2.58 min
Summary: This could be the promising start of a perfect relationship if it wasn't for some... minor problems. ;)
Download: Sendspace (mpg, zipped, 13.2MB reuploaded 02/01/07)
currently no download available (avi, zipped, 44.9MB)

thanks to: [ profile] dimturien for the idea to use that song. It's kind of the obvious choice but I probably never would have thought of it.

Woman in White
Fandom: Supernatural
made by: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Song: Blackmore's Night - "I guess it doesn't matter"
Categorie: episode study
characters: Woman in White, Sam and Dean
Spoiler: 1x01 "Pilot"
Length: 4.47 min
Summary: That song acctually is about the Woman in White so it called for a SPN Pilot song vid.
Download: Sendspace (mpg, zipped, 21.3MB reuploaded 02/01/07)
currently no download available (avi, zipped, 74.3MB)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

My program won't let me work with higher quality. I'm really sorry for that.
If the links have expired and you want me to upload the files again just leave a comment.

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