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I just watched the pilot of The Fades.
The entire soul, Heaven, death, moving on (or ascending, as they call it on the show) or being stuck plays right into my interests. The apocalyptic prophecies look pretty awesome too, even though the music they use for them is rather annoying.
Unfortunately, a few good scenes aside, the characters and the storytelling isn't too great so far. But with such an interesting topic, I'm going to give it a few more episodes.
Natalie Dormer, on the other hand, is simply awesome. Even if it doesn't get better, I'm seriously considering watching the show solely for her.

Other pilots I have watched so far this season:
Ringer didn't convince me after the pilot, but the second episode has me a lot more intrigued. Still not entirely sure if I will continue watching, but there is a good chance.

The Secret Circle is rather predictable and The CW-ish. But it's entertaining enough.

Vamped Out

Sep. 15th, 2011 04:07 pm
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Did you know that our favourite decadent angel, shapeshifter and soon to be vampire hunter is also a vampire himself?

Me neither, until I looked through Sebastian's filmography and found a show I had never heard of. It turned out to be a web based show.

It's funny, it has Sebastian, what more do you want? )
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End of the 2010/2011 season, so there are quite a few this time:

Battlestar Galactica, Series 4 )

Fringe, Series 3 )

How I Met Your Mother, Series 6 )

Nikita, Series 1 )

Castle, Series 3 )

Roar, Series 1 )

Glee, Series 2 )

Supernatural, Series 6 )

The Event, Series 1 )

The Borgias, Series 1 )
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Full Series

Lost Girl, Series 1 )


The Borgias )

Roar )

Game of Thrones )

Huh, not really that much last months. I'm sure May will have a lot more, with all the season finales coming up.
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... unless it is about a lion of course, which it is not.

Anyway, I started watching Roar yesterday. I've seen the first two episodes, and it is a little trashy, or maybe rather: It is very 90s, but adorably so.

cut for some character musings, but no spoilery plot points )

Mainly, if you like BBC's Robin Hood, you might want to give this a try. The style and some of the main themes are very similar. Robin Hood has the better characters though.
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I forgot about this last month, so there is a little more this time:

TV Shows (full series)

Primeval, Series 4 )

24, Series 4 )

Outcasts, Series 1 )

Being Human, Series 3 )

V, Series 2 )

Bedlam, Series 1 )

Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Series 4 )

TV Shows (pilot)

Marchlands )

Outcasts )

Camelot )

Bedlam )

Mini Series

Band of Brothers )

Fallen )

italics: rewacthed
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Full Series
Caprica, Series 1 )

Highlander, Methos Episodes )

Fringe, Series 1 )

Warehouse 13, Series 1 )

Fringe, Series 2 )

The Cape )

Being Human (US) )

italics: rewatched
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TV Shows (full series) )

TV Shows (pilot) )


italics: rewatched
(d): dubbed

Odyssey 5

Dec. 26th, 2010 11:42 pm
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To be honest, I didn't expect much from this show when I asked for the DVDs for Christmas. I only wanted it because it has Sebastian Roché in a leading role and I figured that even if it turned out to be a rather trashy scifi show it would probably still be entertaining.

Five episodes into the show, it turns out that, despite the rather ridiculous initial set-up and the not too great special effects, the show is actually pretty good. It has episodic storylines, that always add something to the big arc, it has interesting characters that struggle with this weird situation they're thrown into, the weight on their shoulders and their relationships with each other. It's a group of very different characters, thrown together by the cause of events. They have their differences, but they learn to trust each other and become a team.

some very general spoilers but no major plot points )
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I finished Survivors yesterday. I had almost forgotten how amazing that show is. If you haven't seen it already you should give it a try.

very vague general spoiler but nothing that will ruin the show for you )
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I met with a few friends yesterday and somehow we decided that we should just write the next big hit tv show. I swear there wasn't a drop of alcohol involved. We figured that we just had to throw everything together that makes a show good and/or successful, both character and storyline wise, and add a mystery to hold it together. Easy. Here's what we came up with:

The ultimate show )

You can see, this is clearly going to be the best and most successful show ever. :p


Oct. 23rd, 2010 08:33 am
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The Walking Dead 1x01 )
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No spoilers that go beyond what you'd find in the shows' synopsis.

Shattered 1x01 )

No Ordinary Family 1x01 )

Lone Star 1x01 )

The Event 1x01 )
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The new tv season has started and here are the first few shows I watched this fall.

New shows (no spoilers):
Terriers 1x01 )

Nikita 1x01 )

Lost Girl 1x01 )

Returning shows (some spoilers):
Merlin 3x01 )

Hopefully I'll have few new shows I'm a more enthusiastic about in my next post. I will definitely continue watching pilots and tell you about my finds.

Meme Time

Sep. 4th, 2010 07:52 pm
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Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

Here are the fandoms [ profile] ocelli gave me:
Fringe, The X-Files, Leverage and Dead Like Me )
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I watched the pilot of "Persons Unknown" last night and it is one of those shows that got me hooked immediately.
Cut for overall theme but no real spoilers )

On a different topic: Today's post on [ profile] dailymisha reminded me for how long I've actually known Misha before Supernatural.
Cut for pictures, possibly spoilers and because most of you are probably fed up by now with me talking about the guy. ;) )
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Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] linfer

Name a TV show in which you have seen every episode at least twice:
I own all seasons on DVD and I have rewatched the whole show at least once.

Name a (current) show you can't miss:
I'm really glad the winter hiatus is finally over. Nevertheless I'm not too thrilled by the news that the show apparently got picked up for a 6th season. The plan was five seasons and I've seen too many shows that just went on for too long.

more... )
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TV Shows (full series) )

TV shows (pilot) )

Mini Series )

Movies )

Theatre/Concerts )

Books )


italics: rewatched/reread
(d): dubbed

* Seriously, this movie is too brilliantly bad and cracktastic to give it anything less.


Nov. 22nd, 2009 05:40 pm
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What British tv-shows do you like (preferably ones that have at least one series out on DVD)? And could you maybe tell me a little bit about what they're about and why you like them.

Thanks. :)

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