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I watched the pilot of "Persons Unknown" last night and it is one of those shows that got me hooked immediately.
Cut for overall theme but no real spoilers )

On a different topic: Today's post on [ profile] dailymisha reminded me for how long I've actually known Misha before Supernatural.
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How soon is now
Fandom: Charmed/Supernatutal
made by: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Song: "How soon is now" by Love Spit Love
Characters: mainly Chris and Sam
Spoiler: clips from SPN Season 1 and 2 and Charmed Season 6 to 8
Summary: Chris Halliwell and Sam Winchester have quite some things in common.
Length: 3:31 min

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Enjoy and tell me what you think.
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I just watched the specials of the Charmed season 8 DVD box. Yeah, it's hard to believe, they finally put specials on it. And I just have to quote some things.

First of all my favourite quote about Chris:
"Chris is certainly powerful and special in his own way but was not the prince William of the family."
(Curtis Kheel)

By the way those specials are sort of the first time I get the feeling that Drew is actually at least a little bit into the show. In the interviews I saw with him so far he seemed more like: Well, it's a job.
Maybe it's the atmosphere on set or they didn't give him time to completely get out of character again before shooting the specials. Whatever it is, this made me squeee:
"We're here to entertain, we're here to make people laugh, cry, lose themselves, find themselves."

I love that they did a special that was mainly about the fandom. I was never part of the Charmed fandom. As much as I love the show I just never felt like it was a fandom I fitted into but I find a glimpse of famdom in general in that special. You know, the whole meeting all those different people from everywhere around the world online that all love the show and building new friendships. I met some of my best friends through fandom in one way or another.

And last but not least this quote because I just think it just sums it up, especially the last part:
"I'd rather look at it in a positive way. At what a extraordinary archievement it is to have a show last for eight years. Ferociously clawed a space for itself, endured a couple of shedule changes and remained a staple of the WB for eight seasons. I'm incredibly proud of that, of all the incredible labour that went into it. And in this market, in this day and age in television, where long running shows are almost unheard of, especially genre shows, I only felt pride and I only feet pride for everybody concerned. And I know that, for the rest of my life and for the rest of the lives of everybody who has been part of the show, whenever they menton that they did Charmed, whenever somebody asks them "What show did you do?" someone's gonna... their eyes are gonna get real big and they're gonna say "Oh, you did Charmed? I love that show!"
We weren't the best show on television, we didn't win any awards, we didn't have the largest numbers but I always believed we were the most imaginative show on television. If you're going to carry that mantle, you really have to reach for the stars."

(Jonathan Levin)

It was really time for the show to end, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss it. *sighs*

And, well...
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Birthday Memories
Author: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Fandom: Charmed
Characters: Chris, Wyatt, Piper
Disclaimer: Charmed belongs... not to me, that’s for sure.
Notes/Warning: angst, character death in a way but not really, slightly AU, unbeta’d
Rating: R, to be on the save side
Summary: At first it felt like the aftermath of a dream but instead of slowly fading away it became stronger and grabbed hold of his mind.

Chris hated birthdays... )
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I finally found the time to write a proper "Forever Charmed" review.

Spoiler for 8x22 Forever Charmed )

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This is sort of the first video I've ever made a while before I made my SPN-vids. I just took the song and my Charmed season 6 clips and played around with them to figure out how to use my VideoImpression. I never planned to upload it but when I watched it again a few days ago I thought that though it doesn't really have a concept it didn't turn out too bad. So I just added one or two scenes and here it is:

Fandom: Charmed
made by: [ profile] gwaevalarin
Song: Staind - "It's been awhile"
Characters: mainly Chris with appearances by the rest of the Halliwell family
Spoiler: all through season 6, I guess
Length: 4:30 min
Download: RapidShare (avi, zipped, 69.9 MB)
RapidShare (mpg, zipped, 19.9 MB)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Please don't upload elsewhere. If the links have expired just leave a comment and I'll upload again.
Feedback is very much appreciated.
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Okay, I just got reminded why I hate dubbed tv shows. On Charmed at least the voices are more or less fitting for the characters. Except for Billie's. Her German voice is nothing similiar to her original voice. But the translations they just sound... nobody talks like that. Arg!
And what bugs me most: In the original version Wyatt talks like a 3 year old. Most of the time you hardly understand what he says but it sounds real. In German you understand every single word and you don't believe for a second that this little boy really said that.

I start to believe that probably season 7 wasn't even that bad. I guess I should buy the DVD box so I can watch it in English and give it another chance.
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Ich wollte eigentlich nur das Charmed-Finale schauen und dann ins Bett gehen. Aber schlafen kann ich jetzt wohl erstmal vergessen. Ich brauche Taschentücher.

Somebody just screwed up our future... )

Danke an die Verantwortlichen für diese Folge. Was auch immer sie in dieser Serie hin und wieder verhauen haben, das hier macht alles wieder wett. Ich habe gelacht, ich habe geheult, ich habe gesqueeet, ich bin dahingeschmolzen (guess who's responsible for that. ;-) ) Ein mehr als würdiger Abschluss, der kaum besser hätte sein können.

Und sorry für dieses Deutsch-Englisch-Gemisch. Ich bin gerade zu nichts anderem mehr fähig.

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