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a.k.a. this is possibly wishful thinking but I don't care a.k.a there is always hope.

After the latest interviews mit Sera (one, two)? Not gonna lie, I had a bit of a panic attack. Until I fortunately decided to read them again more closely.

spoilery but mostly speculations (there is also some mention of a current Fringe storyline) )
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It's Misha's birthday today, so there won't be any negativity in this blog. And you know what, that works better with the new trailer than I thought it would. Want to know why?

cut for spoilery promo )
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Yes, I know, I said I was going to stay away from spoilers for the finale, but I HAD to read this one.

Kind of MASSIVE spoiler for the finale, slight spoiler for season 7. You still might want to know )
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Supernatural season finale spoiler )

Thought? Other ideas?
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Okay, so I'm not sure if this is legit. On the one hand, I kinda think it can't be. I mean, not really. Not even Supernatural would give us that much fanservice and make our dreams come true like that.

possible SPN dialogue spoiler that will make fandom explode )

Yes, another spn spoiler post. I don't know either.
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Yes, THAT on-off character spoiler again (and some speculating) )

I'm writing an unusual amount of spoiler posts lately. Weird.
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A few thoughts on all things Paley Festival, just based on articles and Twitter, as I haven't seen any videos yet:

Here there be spoilers )

I might do a Misha at Paley Festival post like I did for Comic Con last year. Anyone interested?

*is sad*

Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:03 am
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Supernatural season 6 character anti-spoiler, I guess )

In other news: My cat has a hiccup, and why the frak am I awake before 6a.m.?
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I know, everyone has posted this already all over the place, but it's not like you can watch it too often, or even often enough to believe this is actually happening.

If, for some reason, you haven't seen this yet, go and watch it now. I don't care if you avoid spoilers like it's a plague. You will want to be at least somewhat prepared for this, believe me. If I didn't know this episode was real, I wouldn't believe it.

Supernatural 6x15 episode preview and insanity under here )

So, any ideas what my sanity, my sense of reality and I should do with our last week together?
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First of all: Thank you, [ profile] raths_kitten for your Valentine vgift. My mystery gift turned out to be a squirrel. How very perfectly Random Act-y. :)

While I was spending the last few days on my sofa, because I was/am sick, there where three things that brightened up my days immensely: Tweets from a certain actor of French and Scottish heritage, episode stills from a certain episode, and my ever wonderful Rhino Team 4.

Last night, Sebastian Roché had this little, still unofficial, bit of news for us:

When I read it for the first time last night, I completely missed that it said UK convention, which means that it can only be Asylum 7. Guys, it looks like I'm going to meet Sebastian in October! Now, if they announce Misha as well, that weekend is going to be the very definition of my own personal heaven.

There are also some pictures floating around the net that most of you have probably seen by now, but which I just can't leave uncommented:

As spoilery as episode stills combined with the overall episode theme happen to be )

Bottom line: I need to see this episode, like right now! This is going to be the most insane and epic hour of television we will ever witness. Who cares if we will all lose whatever is left of our sanity in the process.

As for the Rhino Hunt: I promise you'll get an update this weekend on how amazing Team 4 continues to be. It will possibly even include a video of our biggest master piece and proof of team spirit. *g*
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After reading the official synopsis for SPN 6x15, I just decided that this is going to be the most amazing episode ever!

Episode synopsis and thoughts, by which I mean: SPOILER )

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