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I was just out doing my favourite item for this years Gishwhes with some help from my Mom, who I can totally recommend as a photographer, by the way (and as a Mom, but she's mine and you can't have her. ;)).

While we were preparing the item, a mother walked by with her maybe 2-year-old child, and the poor girls was struggling and whimpering. She wasn't having a crying fit or anything. She just seemed scared and like she wanted to be anywhere but here.

The mother was dragging her along and downright yelling at her to get up and stop it and: "When Mommy says we go to the playground, then we go to the playground!"


What the actual fuck? What's wrong with some people?

Sorry, I have hardly been around lately. I'm mostly on Tumblr these days. But I'll share my Gishwhes items here when the hunt is over, and I hope to write more tv show reaction posts again.

How are you all?
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No, this isn't about any tv show for a change. This is about my weekend.

The weekened I spent having a nasty cold. The weekend I spent on my sofa because of that nasty cold, reading, watching tv, roaming the internet, playing video games, watching formula 1.

A very normal weekend, actually. Judging from experience, I would have spent about 70-80% of it the exact same way even without this cold. I probably would have spent some of my reading time in the garden, and going for a walk, and doing a bit of stretching my body was not too keen about the way things were. But that would only have posed minor changes to my day.

I still feel like my weekend was a complete waste. And I realise it's not, or not primarily, because of all the coughing, and a running nose, and an annoying headache - even though they were/are annoying - but because I was forced to spend my weekend this way instead of choosing to do so.

Weird, isn't it?
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BSG Season 1 )

I'm currently sorting through my Misha and Castiel pics because they're in complete chaos. I might take the opportunity to do a picspam later. But since it is my little home village's annual festival this weekend I'm not sure I'll find the time for anything. Please wish me luck for surviving the very, very bad music. The things you get through for family. My mother announced yesterday that she is planning a trip to the festival's infamous bar with my grandma and me. That promises a lot of fun. *g* Maybe my aunt will join us.


Aug. 17th, 2007 11:21 am
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I just finished the first Supernatural tie-in novel but before I write the review I have some work related news: My mother told me yesterday that the company I work for needs some things like their web pages and stuff translated into English and she asked me if I was interested in performing the task. Am I interested? Hell, yeah! Of course I am. *is excited*

Okay, Nevermore:
May include spoiler!
Under no circumstances did Sam ever want to hear the end of any sentence of Dean's that began with the words 'Remember that girl' )
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I went to the Greek restaurant with my parents tonight. It's about an hour's walk and the weather wasn't too bad - a few clouds but not cold - so we did walk. We sat there, ate something and where a little confused about the people at the other table, seemingly that town talking about how they luckily had their umbrellas with them.
When it was time to walk home again we saw that there were some black clouds and some lightning in the distance. We walked through the town and my father said that he had his mobile phone with him and if we wanted we could stand under the roof of a car dealer's and call a taxi because between that town and our town there's nothing but a street and fields. But he'd leave the decision to us. My mother and I answered in just walking on. Cause seriously, where's the fun in calling a taxi?
So we walked and watched the lightning. One was pretty close actually. About half a kilometre or something. Impressive!
Well, about a 15 minute walk from home it started pouring. Really, truly pouring. We were soaking wet within minutes. Turning around'd have made no sense at all so we walked on. It was wet and uncomfortable but so much fun. It was still reasonably warm and I felt like I had jumped into a lake with my clothes on.
And naturally the minute we turned into our street it stopped raining. First thing we did when we were home was getting rid of our wet clothes. And now I'm sitting here in my warm room with my legs tickling from the blood rushing through them and feel really comfy.
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The semester is basically over.
Yesterday was the closing event of my project management practical course. It was a public event but I think my mother and that guy from Mainpost (the local newspaper) were pretty much the only guests.
There was a short guest presentation followed by our final presentations, then a comedian - who didn't really bring up anything you haven't heard a million times before - and finaly the "Projektiade 2007 Awards". They were small greek goddess like statues our lecturer called "Projektia", the tutelary goddess of the project managers. There was one for best presentation, one for best project execution and one for most innovative product. The last one was kinda the first prize.
I had to do about 2 minutes of our presentation, a little review on how our project went, and operate the computer. So I was just a little nervous. Everthing went fine and we thought we may even win best presentation. Well, we didn't. We won most innovative product instead. o.O
It's not really important but very flattering nontheless. Our project wasn't my idea and I wasn't the driving force or anything. I can't claim that. But I was part of the team and put a lot of time and work into this. So it's really nice to see your work rewarded like that.
As the winning team we got a gift coupon from the "Netzwerk Nordbayern". Every one of us can choose one of their seminars and take part for free. We (my team) decided to go there together since that'll be a lot more fun. *g*
In the end we had some pictures taken. I'd show them to you but as far as I can see they're not online yet.

That being said, there's bad news about the spanish course I wanted to take part: I didn't get in. 25 places were available, 37 people applied. I can go there again on Thursday to ask if someone maybe didn't turn up to pay. In that case I can have their place. But the odds are not really good. :(
So I guess I just have to try again next semester and in the meantime try and learn Spanish on my own.
Meh, I really wanted to do this course. But what can I do? *sighs*

I slept in the hammock for the first time this year last night. Usually it gets quite cold in the morning just before the sun rises and I need at least two blankets wrapped around me tight. But tonight it just wouldn't. It must have had about 20°C all night. A weeks ago it was cooler in the middle of the day. Weather is weird lately. And way too hot for my taste.
When I wanted to go to bed last night first thing I had to do was shoo my cat away from the hammock. She had hade herself comfortable on my blanket leaving no room for me whatsoever. This morning she came back and coiled up on my feet. *squeee*

And don't forget about
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I haven't written about my personal life for quite a while now because there's nothing really exciting going on. But I still think it's time for an update.

The semester is coming to an end soon - two more weeks to be exact. That's usually the time when things get crazy but since I probably won't take part in a single (written) test the semester is rather dying away this time. There's one lecture where we'll be able to write a test just to see what questions could be like at our diploma examination but that'll be very relaxed since it doesn't count for anything. And there's the presentation for my practical course which looks like a pretty big deal with being public and the press being there and stuff but I don't have to do this one on my own plus I'm fairly sure they're just trying to make it look important. Either my team thinks it really is a big deal then one of them'll probably want to do the presentation and I'll just attend for moral support. Or they think about it like I do and then I don't really have any problems with doing half of the presentation or something. I don't really like speaking in public but as long as I can figure out exactly what I want to say beforehand it's okay.

Future plans other that I'm still dreaming about owning a small house somewhere at the Irish coast - Southern England'd be fine, too: I have this idea lately that once I have my diploma I want to get my Master as a professional translater or something like that. Of course I want to finish my diploma in computer science first even if that may just be because I want to prove that I can and I already spent so much time and energy on it. Plus I need the diploma for my Master if I don't want to spent another 2 years on the Bachelor first.
But starting right with the Master means I'll need a really good basis. I don't think that'll be too big problem with English but I'll need at least one more language. I'm afraid Latin won't count. Not that I still know that much Latin. Actually I never did since I used to hate that language. Stupid me. Now I'd love to know more Latin. Why didn't anyone tell me that back in school? Anyway I'll need another living language and I have about two and a half years to learn it properly if I start now. So I did start. Yesterday. With learning Spanish. For a start I went to the local library and got a book. Funny thing I figured out today when I tried to remember the first bunch of vocabulary that consisted of short sentences: I tried to figure out the grammatical structures without even realizing it first. I guess that makes things much easier for me. I always was much better with grammar than with memorizing vocabulary.
Next step will probably be a Spanish course at university and maybe an English language course either in Galway or Cambridge. I'm thinking about next year early spring or around August/September for the latter.
I'm not saying I'll really go through with this plan. Who know's what I'll be doing and what I want in two and a half years time. So much can happen till then. But I want to keep all my options open. And fortunately learning a new language never is for nothing.

What else? I'm not even sure I ever mentioned I'm learning how to ride. So in case you don't know: [ profile] dimturien has been giving me riding lessons for... more than half a year now. Once a week. Okay, sometimes it's only every other week because other things intevene. She's doing an awesome job, by the way. It's going... well, some things go quite well, some don't. But there's not really any pressure since I'm not planing on doing a test in dressage or anything I'm mostly doing this for fun and getting my mind off everyday life. So as long as Dim and Marietta are not annoyed with me not figuring some things out I'm fine. Of course I want to be able to go for a ride and feel safe because I know what I'm doing one day but I'm not in a hurry.

By the way: Sorry for hardly commenting lately. I'm not online that much at the moment. That seems to happen that time of the year that I suddenly lose interest in going online a little. I always thought that was with spending more time outside but obviously it happens during rainy summers as well. I'm reading all your entries though. And I'm sure there'll be times when I spent almost every waking hour in front of my computer again.

Moving out

May. 5th, 2007 06:43 pm
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I just came back from a friend's. She moved out from her parents' so we drove to IKEA today (Thiiiii! But I just got a candle. Nothing else. I'm so proud. ;)) and later to her new flat to bring some of her stuff there and put together some furniture.

Do I envy her? Hell, yeah!

You know, living with my parents really is fine cause we get along quite well. But I'd love to have my own flat, my own home, build up my own life. I'm not even sure if I'm capable of doing that but I'd love to try.
Thing is: I'm a student. I don't have a regular income so I just can't afford it. My parents did hint two or three times that if I wanted to move out they'd make it possible which is nice of them but I don't want that. I don't want them to pay part of my rent or something. When I move out I want to pay for it myself. That means I'll have to wait till I have a job. That'll be at least two or three more years. *sighs*

When driving to my friend's flat we also talked about moving away as in leaving Germany. Going to Ireland or maybe Southern England not just on hollidays but to actually live there still is a dream I have. We also talked about Canada but then decides that that's too far away at least for now.
I have no idea where I'll be in let's say five years. So much can happen till then. But a small house somewhere at the Irish coast is what I'd describe if someone asked me for my dream place to live.


Apr. 28th, 2007 11:59 am
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I just got stung by a young wasp. It wasn't really her fault. She was crawling on my floor but I didn't see her so I almost stepped on her. Considering that she wasn't too harsh on me. It was just a small sting like she wanted to say: "Hey! Careful! I don't want to be crushed to death." Who can blame her for that?

So I just offered her a cd case to crawl onto and showed her the way out.

I guess that means I really lost my wasp-phobia. I've been so scared of them since I got stung for no reason when I was about 8 or 9 years old but it seems like I finally got over that.

Thanks to a wasp nest at my window. There were three wasps building it and every day I destroyed it and sprayed water on it to tell them to go and raise their children somewhere else. And everytime they came back, looked confused and disappointed and started building again until they finally gave up a few days ago. They even used to sit around their nest all night to protect it. It was kinda cute but didn't change the fact that I don't want a horde of wasps living right by my window.
Now that they're gone I almost miss them and I hope they found a better place for their family. Same for the young wasp. She was really gentle - as gentle as you can be when stinging someone. I can hardly see where she stung me and it already stopped hurting.

Short note

Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:13 am
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I probably won't be online (much) for the next three weeks. Studying for my last exam takes even more time and effort than I thought it would.
This means I won't be able to properly read through my flist either.
If there's anything important (personal or fandomwise) you can reach me via email or comment on this entry.

Have a great time, everyone.

*goes back to work*
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Someone screwed up my car.

My grandparents came by yesterday and my grandma asked me what happened to my car. I had no idea what she was talking about. So I want outside later to look at it.
Luckily it's mostly the license plate but that looks really bad and there's also a small flaw on the car itself. The only thing I can think about how the hell that could have happened is that someone rushed down the street with a skateboard, scratched along the front of my car and just ran away.
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Just a quick update on my life since I haven't written about it much lately:
University started again yesterday with a test I had to write to be allowed to take part in a course. It's not that important, I don't really need to do it but the description sounded interesting. The test was about a book I had to read and it was okay though I don't know if my answers were specific enough. I'll find out if I passed it in a few days I guess and then hopefully they'll also finally tell us when the course will take place exactly. It'll be two blocks but I don't know when yet.
I still have to do 2 more oral exams for my intermediate diploma probably somewhen between january and march and that's what I'll focus on this semester. I don't need any courses for that any more so my schedule looks pretty empty even though I'm already taking some advanced study lectures. Today it was "logistics" and so far I quite like it.

On the way home I drove by Spillner and Lehrmann and spent way too much money there. But now I have some new decoration for autumn, season 4 of Gilmore Girls because I lend [ profile] dimturien my season 2 and 3 box sets and when I gave them to her I told her I'd probably miss my dose of squeee!Jared and then I'd have to buy season 4. and some movie about the Amityville Horrors. I think it's not even really about the legend but just someting connected to it and it's probably the worst movie ever - on the other hand it can't be much worse than "House of Wax" - but it was just 4 euro so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'll go to work again on thursday for the first time in about 4 weeks or something. And then - during our lunch break of course - my Mum and I'll go to some shop that has horseback riding stuff. So, Dim, I guess we can talk about when I'm going to visit you and Metta again. *g*


Sep. 9th, 2006 04:20 pm
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I had the 3rd of 5 exams for my intermediate diploma yesteday and it was hell. First of all it started about 20 minutes late so I already was a picture of misery then. And to make things worse the questions were nothing similar to what I had expected. But it's over and the result was good nevertheless so I'll enjoy 5 weeks till the next semester starts. I still have to read a book for a seminar but it's for linguistics so it'll probably be more fun than anything else and other than that I can just sit back and relax which is great cause I really, really need that now.

My intermediate diploma so far
Linguistik (linguistics): passed (don't know the grade though)
Theoretische Informatik (theoretical computer sciences): 1.0 (A)
Praktische Informatik (practical computer sciences): 1.7 (B+)
Technische Informatik (computer engineering): still ahead
Mathe (math): still ahead

The bad news of the week: Our favourite Italian restaurant will close down somewhen in October. I'm really sad about that. It's just about 10 minutes to walk from our house, they have the best Italian food in the whole region and I'll so miss talking to him about formula 1. It was always fun though or maybe because we had a completely different opinion about drivers and teams.
Everytime we went there after Juancho had won he told us that he already had waited for us and the first time we went there after the Hungarian GP this year the first thing he said to me was "So he finally did win. It was about time."
Did I mention that I'll miss going there?
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My parents just went away on vacations to Corsica which means that for about two weeks I'll have our house all to myself. I always enjoy these weeks. I get along with my parents well and there are definately the bright sides of living at home specially being the lazy person I am.
But it's great being the one in charge once in a while, not having to make my plans around other peoples plans in any way, not having to aks if it's okay if I invite someone over. Not that that's a problem normally but I still have to ask when my parents are home. I just can be more spontaneous I guess.
Well, this year unfortuanetly it's not as relaxing as it used to be because I'll have to study for my intermediate diploma during the next 2 weeks. But I've done quite a bit for that already so I'll still be able to enjoy the time.
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On a normal day it takes me about 20 minutes to drive to university. 25 minutes if the traffic is really bad. Today it was 2 hours.
There was some accident on the autobahn so everyone had to leave it and take the road I take. It was horrible. I admit, part of it was just me being stupid cause there's one possibility to leave the road at Rottendorf about 5 km away fom where I leave it anyway and I thought about driving there and trying to figure out another way to get to university. But then the traffic got much better till about 50 meters ahead of the slip road everything stopped again. But it was great how calm everybody stayed despite the heat and everything.
And there was this guy walking down the side-strip. I guess he just wanted to see what was going on - or he wanted to find out if he could reach Wuerzburg faster walking than we could driving. Probably'd have won that one. - but something about him just freaked me out and somehow made me realize that I really couldn't drive anywhere neither forward nor backward.

Where is Chris when I really need him to orb me somewhere?

Anyway: I wanted to attend a lecture at 9a.m. and had a rather important meeing for a project at 10a.m. I was 20 minutes late for the meeting.
So I rushed into the building and met my professor there who told me that our client just had left. I really thought I had driven there for nothing. But the prof managed to get our client's daughter on the phone and she promised she'd try to reach her father and after about 5 minutes I saw him walking back into the builing. When I told him about the traffic jam and about how sorry I was he was so nice and like "Oh my gosh! 2 hours? Poor girl." And in the end when we were done he insisted on giving me money for the fuel even after I told him that I didn't drive there just for the meeting but also for the lecture even though I had missed that.
I guess we were really lucky with this project and our client being friendly and really excited about it.
I'll still be happy when this is over after our presentation next wednesday.
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I know that there's a mouse been living under my roof for years. I acctually thought she was gone but apparently I was wrong. I'm not afraid of mice or something. I like them. But this one startled me today. I was lying in my bed when I heard the scratching so I listened to my little lodger running up and down above my head when suddenly her (or his) head apeared at the brink right beside my bed - I have a loft bed so I'm sleeping pretty close to the ceiling - and she looked at me. I was like "Erm, you're not going to jump down here, are you?" but I could scare her away with a "Hey!". She disappeared again and I heard her running the other direction. I never worried about her living up there because there's not supposed to be a gap big enough to let her through. But to be honest I'm not too keen on waking up one night because she jumped onto my bed. So she either has to come out there today so that I can catch her and find her a new home in our garden - I just hope she's clever enough not to get caught by my cats immediately - or I have to find a way close that gap so she can just go on living up there like she used to.
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Manchmal hasse ich unsere Rauchmelder. Wenigstens weiß ich jetzt, dass das Ding noch funktioniert. :taub:
Ich wollte mir ganz unschuldig eine Pizza machen und habe den Ofen vorgeheizt. Offenbar war da aber vor kurzem irgendwas auf den Boden getropft - ich frage mich nur was - und als ich ihn aufgemacht habe, kam mir ein Schwall Rauch entgegen und keine 10 Sekunden später meldete sich der Rauchmelder mit ohrenbetäubendem Gepipse. Arg! Ich muste dann erstmal einen Stuhl holen, um an das Ding überhaupt ranzukommen und es auszuschalten. Gut, ich gebe zu, die Küche sieht, wenn man nach der Menge an Rauch da unten geht, wirklich so aus, als hätte sie gerade einen mittleren Großbrand hinter sich, obwohl ich den Dampfabzug schon eine ganze Weile an hatte und jetzt das Fenster auf ist. *hust* Das Internet ist auch gerade weg. Die schlechte Sicht irritiert wohl mein armes WLAN. Aber immerhin ist die Pizza trotzdem lecker geworden.

Ungefähr 10 Minuten später: Der Rauch hat offenbar beschlossen, dass es viel lustiger ist statt aus dem Fenster lieber im Haus nach oben zu wandern... zum nächsten Rauchmelder. :smirk: Jetzt reicht es aber! *batterien aus allen rauchmeldern nehm* Ihr dürft euren Dienst wieder aufnehmen, wenn die Luft hier wieder einigermaßen klar ist.

Jetzt sitze ich hier mit nassen Haaren bei offenem Fenstern in allen Zimmer. Ich werde spätestens in zwei Tagen sowas von krank sein.

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