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Gishwhes is once again over, so here is what I spent my last week doing:

Pyramids, picture books, haikus und food flags )
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It's almost tradition at this point that my parents take me to the zoo for my birthday. It is also sort of tradition that this day is one of the first sunny and warm days of the year. And, of course, it is tradition that I bring my camera and take pictures:

Beware of cute and dangerous animals alike )
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Just a few more pictures from London, and a few from Dublin. Unfortunately, on my trip to Dublin wasn't enough room for my DSLR and the laptop in my hand luggage, so I had to work with my old compact camera.

London )

Dublin (including some sightseeing with crochet!Cas and crochet!Bal) )
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The day after "Much Ado About Nothing" we took the Tube all the way to Kensington Olympia to see the Doctor Who Experience.

Step into the TARDIS )
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As you may or may not know, crochet!Castiel and crochet!Balthazar came to London with me last weekend. I had planned on only taking crochet!Cas but crochet!Bal wouldn't let me and I wasn't too keen on being smitten.

This post contains Cas/Bal )

Crochet!Cas and crochet!Bal both came to Dublin with me as well, to keep me company, and because they've discovered they quite like being on holidays.

How season 6 should have gone )

That's all for now. I'm not sure I'll have time to take the angels for a little more sightseeing in Dublin. But if I do, I'll take photos.
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Today is the big day for Random Acts and Misha when he's going to run as far as he can for charity. And because that is such a great cause, there's a lot of support in this household.

Run, crochet!Castiel, run! )

Misha just started running so if you can, please support him and Random Acts by making a pledge per km or a flat donation. :)
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I'm back from England and before I tell you about the rest of the holidays, here's my review of Monday, 6th April's performance of "Three Days of Rain" in London's Apollo Theatre.

The Play )

The Theatre )

The Production )

The Actors )

Fangirl Moments )

So bottom line: Everyone involved did an amazing job and I had the most enjoyable night. If I had the chance, I'd go to see it another time.
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Once more: Image heavy!

Day 6 - Mystical England )

Day 7 - Saying Goodbye )

And if you've read your way through all my Southern England entries you get your very own personal Dean. After all England has more than enough of them. ;)

(pics are clickable)

Edit: FYI, the UK version of Supernatural Season 2 Part 2 has all the extras that are on the US version. Seems like they learnt their lesson from season 1. I don't know about the IMTOD commentary though. That one might be missing.
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Yes, still more pictures

Day 5 - Somerset )

The final spurt

(pics clickable)
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Pictures ahead

Day 4 - The Coast )

On to the fangirl day

(pics are clickable)
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Image heavy, but you probably already guessed that.

Day 3 - New Forest )

Still more to come soon.

(pics are clickable)
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Again: Very image heavy!

Day 2 - The Sea )

Day 3 this way

(Pics are clickable)
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Very image heavy!

Day 0 - Arrival )

Day 1 - Winchester )

To be continued...

(pics are clickable)
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My parents went to the "Lusitano Festival" in Castell yesterday and met some friends there and since I'm still enjoying my free time I decided to go with them. I don't know anything about Lusitanos or horses in general for that matter but it was really nice just spending the day there, watching the show, talking about the horses with my mother and her friends who at least know ten times more about them than I do and taking some pictures.

One time during the show part they had some problems with the music and while they were trying to sort that out they asked the guy who was next to tell the audience something about his horse and he said:

"Es gibt schöne Pferde und weniger schöne Pferde. Und es gibt mein Pferd."
(In english: "There are beautiful horses and less beautiful horses. And there's my horse.")

I thought that was so true and well said. I'm sure everyone who shares his life with an animal - a cat, dog, horse or whatever - and loves them knows exactly what he meant.

pictures )
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I dyed my hair yesterday. Or actually my Mum did cause I'd probably've dyed the whole bathroom. *coughs* My natural colour is some dark ash blond with a glint of red in the light. I forgot to take "before" pics so you'll just have to imagine what it looked like. ;)
The colour I used was called "Herbstrot Toskana". It's sort of copper red. I really like the result and it reminds me of Ireland when my hair was red too and everyone thought I was Irish. *g*

So, that's what I look like now )
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I'm officially dead.

My father and I went to Hockenheim again which is becoming a nice tradition... or could become if there will still be a race at Hockenheim next year.

rambling and lots of pictures )

Oh, and a note to Ant and Christian: You are on the best way to make in into the circle of my favourite drivers. We can talk about this if you drive next season. But till then stop being so adorable. Both of you. Because that's not fair.

So, I'm really tired so I'm going to sleep now and dream of a candle light dinner with Jenson.
No, you don't have to understand. *giggles*

(All pictures by my father and me. Click on the pics for larger size.)
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Hach! *schweb* War das Konzert toll!
Bei Santana nebenan mögen mehr Leute gewesen sein und sie hatten bestimmt auch die größere Bühnenshow und weniger Chaos, aber eins ist sicher: Die bessere Stimmung hatten wir!
Und ein Teil meiner Fotos ist gar nicht mal schlecht geworden:

The house rules )

Danke an Christian, Steve und Jarrod für diesen genialen Abend.
Und danke an [ profile] dimturien, Annette (ich hoffe, du bist dann ohne weitere Probleme heimgekommen), [ profile] nebulein, [ profile] novafairy und ihr Schwesterherz, weil sie den tollen Abend noch viel toller gemacht haben. Es hat wahnsinnig Spaß gemacht. Jederzeit wieder. *g*

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