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Just a few more pictures from London, and a few from Dublin. Unfortunately, on my trip to Dublin wasn't enough room for my DSLR and the laptop in my hand luggage, so I had to work with my old compact camera.

London )

Dublin (including some sightseeing with crochet!Cas and crochet!Bal) )
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I live in this small city with a population of about 20,000 that hardly anyone has ever heard of. But now we have this horticultural show, which will run for another two months. They worked on it for way more than a year, not only preparing the actual premises but beautifying the entire city centre. We have quite a lot of tourists now, and I'm sure they are not disappointed by what they find. The whole project all turned out great, and I hope that it will leave a lasting mark on my city long after the actual show has closed down.

Naturally I tried to capture a few impressions:

It has always been a garden city )
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I finally remembered to take my camera with me yesterday when I went for a walk. It was a very sunny early autumn day and my usual route took me about twice as long. Here are some of the reasons why.

Early Autumn )

I have a few more photos here in my scrapbook

Please don't repost, alter or otherwise use these photos without my permission. Thank you.
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This year, for the first time, we managed to have proper sunflowers in our garden. So I took my camera to get a few sunny impressions on a not so sunny day.

Pretty pictures )

Where there's photos there has to be cats.

Meow )
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Once more: Image heavy!

Day 6 - Mystical England )

Day 7 - Saying Goodbye )

And if you've read your way through all my Southern England entries you get your very own personal Dean. After all England has more than enough of them. ;)

(pics are clickable)

Edit: FYI, the UK version of Supernatural Season 2 Part 2 has all the extras that are on the US version. Seems like they learnt their lesson from season 1. I don't know about the IMTOD commentary though. That one might be missing.
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Yes, still more pictures

Day 5 - Somerset )

The final spurt

(pics clickable)
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Pictures ahead

Day 4 - The Coast )

On to the fangirl day

(pics are clickable)
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Image heavy, but you probably already guessed that.

Day 3 - New Forest )

Still more to come soon.

(pics are clickable)
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Again: Very image heavy!

Day 2 - The Sea )

Day 3 this way

(Pics are clickable)
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Very image heavy!

Day 0 - Arrival )

Day 1 - Winchester )

To be continued...

(pics are clickable)
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Having too much time on my hands I spent some of the first week of my holidays driving and walking around in Lower Frankonia and taking pictures of some of the beautiful spots you can find around here. I might continue doing so since there are some towns and places people drive hundreds of miles to see and I, having lived here all my life, have never been to.

I present to you... )
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What's the first thing I do when there's a thunderstorm like yesterday night? I squeee and grab my camera. *g*

Thunder and Lightning )

I also have a few new pics of my girls:

meow )

All pictures clickable
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Some new pictures of my two girls.

meow )
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Just some photos I wanted to share.

I'm kind of proud of these two. I spent half the night at my window trying to catch them:
Lightning )

And some I took a few days ago in our garden:
Colours of the summer )
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Ich habe seit meinem Geburtstag ein neues Spielzeug: Eine digitale Kamera, die viel besser ist als meine vorherige. Und in den ersten Frühlingstagen dieses Jahr musste ich sie natürlich sofort ausprobieren und die ersten Spuren des Frühlings festhalten:

The flowers learn their colored shapes )
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Ich mag Schnee. Wirklich. Wenn es nach mir geht, kann es davon kaum genug geben. Im Winter. Aber jetzt haben wir März und ich hatte mir auf Schneeglöckchen und Spaziergänge durch ein Blütenmeer und Wintermantel wegräumen und das Fenster den ganze Nachmittag auflassen, damit der Wind durch mein Zimmer toben kann, und mit den Katzen im Garten spielen gefreut. Nur sieht der Garten momentan so aus:

Im Dezember oder Januar hätte das bei mir Begeisterungsstürme ausgelöst. Ich finde zwar jetzt auch, dass es toll aussieht, aber ich hätte trotzdem ganz gerne Frühling.

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