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This is the last batch of Asylum 6 photos. Only the masterpost missing now, and then I'll stop spamming you.

Everyone's new favourite couple :p )

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And we move on to the second day of the convention:

My favourite archangel and my favourite demon conspiring and breaking the fourth wall )

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Front row seat for the concert means that I have so many pictures that I have to split them up into two posts if I don't want to risk breaking LJ. ;)
For some reason, a lot of my pictures are of Richard again. I blame it on the fact that Mark wasn't there.
Also: Sorry, Jason! I know it was actually your concert, and there would be more pictures of you, but the microphone and your guitar was always in the way.

Jason, a guitar, everyone, and that archangel again )

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I was late for Jared's panel, so I stood in the far back of the hall. I was pretty far back for the J2 one as well. That's why I hardly have any photos of those two panels. And the ones I have aren't too great. They are still better than the "good" ones with my old camera, though. And it's the only ones of Jared I took all weekend. So I decided to leave them here for you anyway:

The boys )

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Here are 74 pictures of Richards panel. The only part of the con of which I have more pictures is the Saturday night concert. And a big part of those are of Richard as well. Seems I can never resist an angel.

My favourite archangel. With a guitar. )

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Jensen's panel was the very first one of the con, and he was in a really good mood. I think you can tell from the pictures.

click at own risk )

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I'm back from a fun Asylum 6.

No detailed con report this time from me, I'm sure there are plenty out there. I brought tons of pictures instead. I'll post them panel by panel, so expect picspams in the next few days. My photo-ops will follow as soon as I get them. So far, I only have my Richard op. I'm still missing Mark and Richard, Cindy, Gen, and Danneel.

The guests, autographs, and a concert gone mad )

Last but not least, thank you so much [ profile] seriesjunkie23, [ profile] hugemind, [ profile] absdax, [ profile] myjedimindtrick and @margauxdemerle for being generally amazing people to hang out with. The con could never have been that much fun without you. I miss you guys, and I hope to see you again soon.

And now have a few photos from the Opening Ceremony as a teaser of what is about to come:

Awesomeness under here )
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First of all I have to say that this time things ran really smoothly. Apart from Saturday morning we were pretty much always on time which has to be a first. There was no standing around in queues for ages either and despite having 6 photo ops and two coffee lounges I missed very little of the panels. The attendees were amazing too, there where hardly any inappropriate questions and the guests were simply fantastic and just had a great chamistry together.

Misha, Aldis, Julie, Jake, Fred and Jason Panel )

Misha Coffee Lounge )

Misha Panel )

Jake and Julie Panel )

Fredric Panel )

Autographs Misha, Jake and Julie )

Aldis Panel )

All guests )
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As always, my camera sucks in badly lit rooms but I decided to still upload a few of the pictures I took during the panels.

Follow me )
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I've sorted through my Asylum pictures. As I said, my camera is really bad with the lighting at the con. Sorry for that. Here's the best I could manage.

Enjoy! )

A few more pictures, mostly of Gabe and Misha, can be found here

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