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Today is the big day for Random Acts and Misha when he's going to run as far as he can for charity. And because that is such a great cause, there's a lot of support in this household.

Run, crochet!Castiel, run! )

Misha just started running so if you can, please support him and Random Acts by making a pledge per km or a flat donation. :)
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This year, for the first time, we managed to have proper sunflowers in our garden. So I took my camera to get a few sunny impressions on a not so sunny day.

Pretty pictures )

Where there's photos there has to be cats.

Meow )
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Having too much time on my hands I spent some of the first week of my holidays driving and walking around in Lower Frankonia and taking pictures of some of the beautiful spots you can find around here. I might continue doing so since there are some towns and places people drive hundreds of miles to see and I, having lived here all my life, have never been to.

I present to you... )
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What's the first thing I do when there's a thunderstorm like yesterday night? I squeee and grab my camera. *g*

Thunder and Lightning )

I also have a few new pics of my girls:

meow )

All pictures clickable
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Some new pictures of my two girls.

meow )
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I met Bandit today. Bandit is one of our cats... well, he was one of our cat's until he moved out almost 4 years ago. I hadn't seen him for at least a year though my mother told me she thought she saw him a few months ago. So I didn't know for sure if he was okay or even if he was still alive. Today I decided to walk past the house where he lives now (that's if he still lives there and meanwhile hasn't moved out there too) just to see if I could find him. I found him sleeping somewhere in the bushes and when I said something like "Hey, boy, there you are." he immediatly came running over too me miaowing and I had to talk to him and cuddle him which was very flattering. I guess that means he still remembers me after all that time. He always was nice to strangers too but he just seemed so happy to see me. And I was happy to see that he looked really healthy. I asked him if he wanted to come with me to get something to eat - I'm not saying that he looked like he was starving or something. Definately not. - and he started troting along with me. Halfway home he lost interest a bit and began falling behind and looking around so I told him I'd rush home, get some food and stuff and then come back but as soon as he saw I was leaving he came running after me. So we walked to our house together and I rushed in and brought some milk and cat food and goodies and my camera while he was waiting. I know he doesn't go into our house or the garden any more. Don't ask me why. So we sat there on the pavement for a while and the Ronja, his sister, came along and I don't know why but he can't stand her and even when they were younger he would often growl at her though she was the nicest girl today, kept her distance just looked at him and then walked away again after a while. Strangely Bandit gets along with Elanor much better though we just got her after he left. She loves him to bits and most of the time she's at least allowed to sit quite close to him. But she didn't get that he was visiting today.
After a while he decided to leave and that's when you just have to let him go. Following him or trying to cuddle him to say goodbye will just make him cranky. So I just watched him walk down the street. It was so great seeing him again. It always is. I got used to him not being here any more and I won't ever try to get him back again because it probably just wouldn't work with our two girls but I of course I still care about him very much.

When I came back into our garden Ronja was sitting there miaowing and looking at me with really big puppy eyes like she was afraid and asking "Do you love him now and does that mean you don't love me anymore?" It was so cute and so heartbreaking. But some goodies and especially some cuddling later everything was fine again.

Some pics of Bandit I took today and also some pics of Ronja and Elanor )
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Just some photos I wanted to share.

I'm kind of proud of these two. I spent half the night at my window trying to catch them:
Lightning )

And some I took a few days ago in our garden:
Colours of the summer )
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Ich habe seit meinem Geburtstag ein neues Spielzeug: Eine digitale Kamera, die viel besser ist als meine vorherige. Und in den ersten Frühlingstagen dieses Jahr musste ich sie natürlich sofort ausprobieren und die ersten Spuren des Frühlings festhalten:

The flowers learn their colored shapes )
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Ich habe ein paar Fotos von meinen Samtpfoten gemacht. Genaugenommen mache ich das dauernd, weswegen sie mir schon genervt-gelangweilte Blicke zuwerfen sobald ich die Digicam nur in die Hand nehme. Nützt ihnen aber nichts.

flauschige Fotos von Ronja und Elanor )

Ich habe außerdem bei meinem zweiten Tony/Michelle-WP den Hintergrund nochmal bearbeitet. So gefällt es mir besser. Danke an [ profile] pfefferminzchen. Er war wirklich zu hell:

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