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I don't know if you guys ever heard about Kings. It's a show loosely based on the "Book of Samuel" and it's a fantastic show that was cancelled way too soon.
But at least we have those 13 episodes of season 1, right?

Or not )

Dear Pro7:

Mar. 11th, 2008 11:15 am
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Didn't you miss something? Like an episode? One that belongs before Dead Man's Blood because... oh, yeah, Dean mentions Sarah and if you don't show Provenance there is no Sarah. Not to mention that meeting her is kind of an important step in Sam's character development but never mind.

How do you expect viewers to stick with you and watch the show when you turn episodes around (like Shadows and Benders, which was still almost acceptable and at least better than trying to cut Benders down to FSK12 at all costs) or just leave them out completely?
I hope there is at least some reason for advertising Provenance last week and then spontaneously deciding not to show it even if I can't think of any.

I really tried to get some people, who claim their English isn't good enough to watch the OV, into the show but you make that pretty much impossible.

But why am I even surprised?

No love,

P.S.: Not that you'll care but Provenance won't fit anywhere into Season 2. Like at all. So save your "We'll show it in autumn when we air Season 2". That just shows once more how much you don't get the show.
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Pro7 has finally decided to show "Doctor Who" (the new series). To be honest, I didn't expect to like it. I'm not really into science fiction and the summary I read didn't appeal to me at all. But when I found out that it'd be on German free tv I remembered that [ profile] darciana had recommended the show to me a while ago. And it's THE British tv show so I had to least give it a shot.

I fell in love during the first 5 minutes. &hearts

And since I've never seen the OV I don't mind the dubbing that much. So far so good.

Today I read that Pro 7 will take the show off air due to bad ratings. After two weeks/four episodes... Reminded me that there are more reasons than bad dubbing why I don't like watching shows on German tv.

Well, I guess I'm going to do some DVD shopping when I'm in London in March.


Oct. 11th, 2007 12:28 pm
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I don't believe it!
The registration for my Spanish course starts tomorrow. 3 days before the semester starts which is on pretty short notice but I can live with that. Signing in of course doesn't mean that I'll get in this time. I just have to try.
But when I looked on the website today they had changed the courses dates. It was supposed to take place Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 10:00. And now it's suddenly Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 11:30.
I already have another course Thursday at 10:00. It's computer science, my major, so I can't just drop that course for Spanish without substition. I'm trying to change courses around right now but that's not exactly easy since I already had to sign in for some weeks ago.
Of course all the VHS courses have already started. There's another Spanish course at uni in the evening but that's rather inconvenient since I live a 20 minute drive away from my uni.
I had my schedule worked out so well and now it's completely messed up again.

Thank you once more, dear university, for your nonexistant organisation.
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Windows Movie Maker is seriously driving me crazy (not just) today. And I haven't even started vidding yet. I'm just importing the video files and WMM is already giving me cryptic errors and then freezes and I have to restart my whole system. Gah!

Is there any other vidding program anyone of you can recommend? I'm not really willing to spend much money since I'm not spending that much time on making videos - but that could change if it wasn't so annoying most of the time - nor do I need some complex professional program. I only need a program that lets me put together video and audio files, offers me some basic transition effects, end titles etc. And that works without freezing all the fucking time.

I'll go now and give WMM another chance. After all it's still better than Video Impression. *sighs*
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What happened to Juancho last year I see that now happening to Alonso. If you guys don't get along with that stubborn and hot-blooded kind of driver don't take them in your team. this is not about the weird Qualifying on saturday. I have absolutely no idea what has happened there and who's fault it was since none of the stories make real sense. I still don't trust Alonso enough to be sure that he wouldn't do something like that on purpose. Actually I believe he would I just don't know if he hold up Hamilton on purpose on Saturday. Especially after the team backed up his story which sadly sounds almost strange.
But as I sad that incident is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Alonso feeling so uncomfortable at McLaren that he obviously thinks about leaving the team. The team, mind you, that has the best chances to win the world championship. At least it doesn't seem like they pushed him into hating formula one that much that he wants to leave the sport like they did with Juancho. Yes, I'm still angry at them for that and that's probably part of the reason why I suddenly started to feel sympathetic with Alonso.

And what's even worse. Today this was exactly one year ago:

It feels like forever. Right now the pictures make we wanna cry. A year ago Jenson won and yesterday, same team, same track he'd have fought with the Spyker if it hadn't been for that mechanical failure.
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Someone screwed up my car.

My grandparents came by yesterday and my grandma asked me what happened to my car. I had no idea what she was talking about. So I want outside later to look at it.
Luckily it's mostly the license plate but that looks really bad and there's also a small flaw on the car itself. The only thing I can think about how the hell that could have happened is that someone rushed down the street with a skateboard, scratched along the front of my car and just ran away.
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I was just cutting out the the ads of the Gilmore Girls episodes I have on my DVD recorder - yeah, I know, I should be learning since I have an exam tonight, the one that got canceled last week because of the storm, and not try to organise the stuff on my hard drive but I needed a break. Anyway I was editing the titles as well since titles like "2007/23/01 20:00 Ch:07" are not really helpful as long as you don't know by heart was was on channel 7 on the 23rd January at 8p.m. Not that I'm complaining. At least this code of numbers and letters does have a meaning.
Anyway, to edit the title I get this little keyboard on my screen and I can move from one letter to another with the arrow keys on my remote control so it takes forever to type a word.

And that's when you realize that Gilmore Girls has probably the longest episode titles in the world. Didn't anyone tell them that they are supoosed to be titles and not episode summaries.
"The episode where Lorelai drinks a lot of coffee, gets in a huge fight with her mother and Rory is distressed because she got an A-" is not a titel, people. Seriously.
I love the show but can you please think about getting titles that consist of one word or something? My right thump which had to do all the arrow key pushin would be very grateful.

So, I guess I'm going to concentrate on neologism, reported speech and "wegen" used with dative in modern day german again.
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Some cat in the neighbourhood is making the strangest sound right now. Something you could easily turn into the newest annoy-the-hell-out-of-everyone ring tone.
I am used to many different sounds my girls are making and I am also used to the sound of some cats crying and fighting all night - which seems to be what is going on out there at the moment except that it's day - but this sound is just weird.
Acctually I wouldn't be surprised if Ronja was the rival he/she tries to scare away with this... yowling considering how many scratches she brings home from fights all the time. I know she isn't always the nice and innocent girl she often pretends to be at home.

It stopped. I guess I'm going to go downstairs and see if Ronja's home to tell me how that bad, bad other cat attacked her and how she really needs some ham or milk now to calm down again. Poor girl!
But who can resist a black fluffy cat who looks at you with big yellow eyes and says "Pretty please!" by lifting one paw.

By the way: Elanor learned to say "Please!" today too. Except that she doesn't just lift her paw but firmly grabs my hand without hurting me. Sometimes she even used both her forepaws. *squeee*

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