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The coffee lounge started with Misha coming in and shouting "Quiet!" He looked very pleased when we really did all go quiet.
New life goal: Once, just once, do not do what Misha tells you to do.
After a while someone asked him if we were allowed to talk again now. It seems we were, and we talked about quite a few things.

Castiel, West, Gishwhes and the gender of angels )

I tried recall everything as objectively as possible, but particularly with the parts about Castiel there is obviously a bit of interpretation on my part. Please be aware of that.
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I'm back from another brilliant convention with great guests, both actors and fans.

I have about 600 photos to sort through but I'll try to upload them within the next week.
There will, of course, also be photo ops, and a report about the Misha coffee lounge on Saturday afternoon and possibly the Meet & Greet. I'm just not sure I remember much from the latter other then drinking Vodka with Misha.
If you have any preferences what you want to see first, let me know.

Misha, Rob, Julian, Mitch, Amy, Lindsey and Katie )

Of course, a convention could never be the same without all the amazing fellow fangirls you meet there:
A big thank you to [ profile] rinnus and [ profile] seriesjunkie23 for an amazing weekend, and very fun and naughty breakfast.
@camuizuuki, @yadirafrances and @dertantesam, it was so great meeting you girls. The Saturday night concert was so much fun!
[ profile] raths_kitten and [ profile] ongiara, it seems I kinda lost you guys at some point. I hope you had just as much fun as we had.
[ profile] absdax! Loved seeing you again. I'm sorry, we didn't really have the time to talk but it was fun just randomly running into each other all the time.
[ profile] littlehollyleaf, it was so great to finally meet you in person. See you in Rome! SEBASTIAN!
[ profile] takadainmate, it took us some time to find each other but we did succeed in the end. So good to see you again.
And to everyone else I met and talked to during the weekend: You were all so much fun to be around! You all are the reason I feel more comfortable at accepted at conventions than anywhere else, so I hope to see you all again at future conventions.
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First of all: Can we get Misha an award already? Emmy? Oscar? Every award ever?
I knew he was good, but this... I mean... I'm completely lost for words. I officially declare Misha Collins the best actor to ever have graced my screen. Just wow!

Second of all: I expected a lot of things when going into this episode. I did not expect this.
I did not end up a sobbing mess, even though there were quite a few gasps and tears, not gonna lie. I did not end up raging and screaming and throwing things at my screen.
Quite the contrary. This episode was pretty much perfect. If the storyline as a whole works, will have to be seen next week. But for now, Show and I are good again.
I feel infinitely better about things now. And at the same time infinitely worse and more worried. But in the right way. I think.

incoherent rambling and spoilers under the cut )
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It's such a weird feeling that the day is finally here. That I just watched the first episode of Divine: The Series. It is everything I have hoped for and more.

Divine, Episode 1 (no real spoilers to speak of) )

Congratulations and a big Thank You to Ivan and his entire team, cast and crew, for making this project happen. If there was any doubt left - not that there really was - I'm definitely hooked. Loyal Divinite right here.

It's also an awesome feeling to see my name turn up on the Thank You page. Really, really makes me feel part of this project, and I'm so proud that I could help, even if it was just a little.
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Happy birthday, to one of the most brilliantly insane, talented, kind, and generally awesome human beings I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

No matter where your path will lead you in the nex months and years - be it Supernatural, Divine, other projects, or crazy scavenger hunts like GISHWHES - there is no doubt that I will follow. In a, you know, non-creepy way. ;)

Thank you, Misha, for treating us all like friends rather than a bunch of crazy fangirls, thank you for being an inspiration, for making me laugh, for making me cry with your performance, for making my favourite character come to life, thank you for sharing your life with us the way you do, thank you for trusting us with pictures and videos of your family, your son, thank you for never getting tired of meeting up with us at conventions, thank you for just being you.

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We interrupt this programme and pretty much freaking everything for...

Divine: The Series Official Teaser

When Darkness preys... )

Amen, indeed. So excited about this project! \o/
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I'm not sure how I'm even thinking clear after that picture. Priest outfit? And tongue? Seriously, way to wake on my first day off, Misha.

I wan't more of this, and here is how I ask you to help me and yourself get it:
Go to Kickstarter and pledge to support Divine: the Series.
This isn't just about getting more Misha in a priest outfit, even though you have to admit that's a pretty strong case in this little show's favour.
This is also about proving that the old models how to make and broadcast entertainment can be changed, that it is time for new concepts. So if you are annoyed with geoblocking, and having to wait months or even years before you can (legally) watch your favourite shows, here is your chance to show that it doesn't have to be that way.

Help prove that Divintes truly are the number 1 fans on the internet.

Poor Ivan, beaten to leaking the new picture, again. ;)
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Can't. Breathe. *dead*
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Here is a message I just found on my Crowdrise page:

How so awesome, Misha? )

Motivated? You can still start your own Crowdrise fundraiser and join the Hope To Haiti Project. You could, for example, try to raise money by teaching comparatives to actors. ;)

Of course, you can also still make me happy by donating to Hope To Haiti via my Crowdrise fundraiser page.
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Banner by [ profile] timey_wimey_kid

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Random Acts have a new project: Hope to Haiti.

In June 2011, the Random Acts team, Misha Collins and Matt Cohen will go to Jacmel, Haiti, to build a community centre. And they are looking for people to join them.

Video under here )

What can you do?

You can spread the word. The Twitter hashtag is #Hope2Haiti

You can join the team and try to raise $5,000, and then maybe go to Haiti to help there. I'm sure it's going to be an amazing experience.

And last but definitely not least, you can donate. I'd appreciate if you use my Crowdrise fundraiser page to do so, but the important part is that you give what you can, preferably through the account of someone you believe should join Random Acts to Haiti.

Hint: It's my birthday this month, so in case you're looking for the prefect present, you know what to do. ;)
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I don't know if I even have anyone from the winning team on my flist, but I just wanted to say:

Congratulations, Rhino Team 3!

Enjoy your cup of tea (or your money, but seriously, is anyone going to choose that option?).
I can't wait to see some of the submissions online. And even less for SHEASH*, because it's going to be epic! And it's going to be the "first annual", I like the sound of that. *g*

Aw, it's hard to believe that the Rhino Hunt is officially over. It was so much fun.

*ask Misha ;)
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Rogue Events just announced Misha and Rob Benedict for Asylum 7! Yay!
Very happy about both of them, but particularly about Misha, of course. I really didn't like having no con with him planned.
I have only heard good and sweet things about Rob as well and I'm definitely looking forward to meeting him. After all, it's not every day that you get a chance to meet God, right? ;)

I'm slightly confused, though. After Sebastian's tweet a few days ago, I was absolutely convinced he'd be one of the two guests announced today. It was Misha I wasn't sure about.

Ah, well, I guess they'll announce him later then, right? He sounded pretty sure about that "SPN UK convention in October." And then I'll have my two angels together at the same con. How amazing is that? :D
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If you need to read up on what has happened so far, you can find it here, there and over here.

Here is the email Misha sent us, starting Round 2:

Misha is capricious and arbitrary (his words) )

I did challenge number 8, together with [ profile] obscuredrapture and her friend L. Here is what we came up with:

Well, so I didn't really have any parking tickets, but... )

Now, because my team is awesome, we decided that the 61 team members, 22 challenges, no duplicates, and you have to send something in to be part of the winning team was to be bent in every possible direction to include everyone. Either that, or we'd lose trying, but we'd lose as a team. It was [ profile] nalathilion who came up with the most brilliant idea on how to achieve what we wanted. Here is the result, our submission for challenge 11, the original song. Please make particularly sure you watch the credits and listen to the amazing song C.'s friend S. wrote and recorded for us:

video! )

In conclusion:
- [ profile] heart_wrapper

Names of team members have been changed to LJ user names/initials for this post
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First of all: Thank you, [ profile] raths_kitten for your Valentine vgift. My mystery gift turned out to be a squirrel. How very perfectly Random Act-y. :)

While I was spending the last few days on my sofa, because I was/am sick, there where three things that brightened up my days immensely: Tweets from a certain actor of French and Scottish heritage, episode stills from a certain episode, and my ever wonderful Rhino Team 4.

Last night, Sebastian Roché had this little, still unofficial, bit of news for us:

When I read it for the first time last night, I completely missed that it said UK convention, which means that it can only be Asylum 7. Guys, it looks like I'm going to meet Sebastian in October! Now, if they announce Misha as well, that weekend is going to be the very definition of my own personal heaven.

There are also some pictures floating around the net that most of you have probably seen by now, but which I just can't leave uncommented:

As spoilery as episode stills combined with the overall episode theme happen to be )

Bottom line: I need to see this episode, like right now! This is going to be the most insane and epic hour of television we will ever witness. Who cares if we will all lose whatever is left of our sanity in the process.

As for the Rhino Hunt: I promise you'll get an update this weekend on how amazing Team 4 continues to be. It will possibly even include a video of our biggest master piece and proof of team spirit. *g*
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I promised some of you, who don't participate in Misha's scavenger hunt, that I will keep you up to date. So here we go:

Last night I got an email from Misha with the rules for round two. I'm a little hesitant to publicly post the entire email while the round is still going on - not that there is any secret information in it, but it just doesn't feel right - but if you want it you can have it next Saturday after the deadline.

Anyway, Misha let everyone through to the next round, and we're all staying in our teams, trying to gather as many points as possible by fulfilling 22 tasks Misha gave us. Each task has to be recorded either with a photo or a video that includes our puzzle piece.
There are some things unclear, or as Misha puts it, the rules are "designed to optimize confusion and red-tape", but as far as I can say, Team 4 is doing very well.
We'll have wait and see how well we do compared to the other teams. :)
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This was one of the most exhausting weekends I can remember. It's kinda nice to be able to breathe again for a moment.
I've spent the last days checking my emails and LJ pretty much every minute, breaking my Thunderbird in the process, because it couldn't handle the plethora of emails, notifications and attachments. Was able to fix it again last night.
I've been printing out puzzle pieces, staring at them hour upon hour while trying to put them together and decipher the writing. It was fun, but I can't even tell you how tired I am and if I never have to work on a jigsaw puzzle again, it will probably be too soon.

But, yeah, Team 4 rocks, and we figured it out and sent emails to Misha. I'm still waiting for a reply but it seems he mainly replied to people who didn't send him all the required information. So for now I'm going to assume that everything worked out. Not sure if I made it into the first 200 who will proceed to the next round but if my first email counts, the one without all the required information, I believe the chances aren't too bad. We'll see.

Either way, it was fun and I met some amazing new people here on LJ and over on Twitter. So it was definitely worth it.

Not regretting having sent that envelope yet. At all. You'll have to try a lot harder, Misha.
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When I went downstairs to get the mail today, I may or may not have squeed loud enough to alert the entire neighbourhood. Because, between catalogues - we get an insane amount of those for some reason - and bills, there was a letter from a certain actor of a certain tv-show filmed in Vancouver.

photographic evidence of Misha's insanity )

By the way: I have piece number 49 of 61 of puzzle #4. And if you belong to my team, please go over here and let us know, so we can solve our puzzle quicker than the other teams and make it to the next round.

And to everyone not involved: Yes, this totally is some sort of social experiment Misha is conducting, using us as his guinea pigs - and possibly collecting all our real names and addresses to match them against our online names while he's at it. Why do you ask? ;)

A big thank you to [ profile] nalathilion, who was the kind soul that sent the SASE for me, and therefore got me caught up in this brilliantly insane scavenger hunt.

Seriously, I love my fandom. &hearts

ETA: If you are on Team 4, or know anyone else who is on Team 4, please go/send them this way. Thank you.

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