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Just a few more pictures from London, and a few from Dublin. Unfortunately, on my trip to Dublin wasn't enough room for my DSLR and the laptop in my hand luggage, so I had to work with my old compact camera.

London )

Dublin (including some sightseeing with crochet!Cas and crochet!Bal) )
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As you may or may not know, crochet!Castiel and crochet!Balthazar came to London with me last weekend. I had planned on only taking crochet!Cas but crochet!Bal wouldn't let me and I wasn't too keen on being smitten.

This post contains Cas/Bal )

Crochet!Cas and crochet!Bal both came to Dublin with me as well, to keep me company, and because they've discovered they quite like being on holidays.

How season 6 should have gone )

That's all for now. I'm not sure I'll have time to take the angels for a little more sightseeing in Dublin. But if I do, I'll take photos.
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You want your own crocheted fandom plushie? Here is your chance to get one, and do good by donating to Random Act's Hope To Haiti project via my Crowdrise Fundraiser.

More on my crochet!spn family.

Here is how it works )

Further donations made to my Hope to Haiti Fundraiser page, whether you want to bid on the plushie or not, are, of course, more than welcome, but please be aware that they will not count for the auction (as in, if you donate $15 now, and bid $30 you will still have to donate another $30 to get the plushie).
I'd also very much appreciate if you could help me spread the word:

Thank you. :)

I know that sounds like a lot of rules. I just want to be sure that everyone knows exactly what's happening and what to expect. But basically, we're all here to help and do good, right? So don't worry too much, we'll figure it out.
Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me.

Comments are disabled. Please use the LiveJournal entry for bidding
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Today I'm going to tell you the secret of why hell hounds are invisible. It's quite simple really.
He only wants to play. Honest. )

I'm a little tired of crochetting at the moment so that will probably be my last crochet post for a while. I do however plan to add Gabriel and Balthazar at some point.

I need a Crowley icon.
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Today is the big day for Random Acts and Misha when he's going to run as far as he can for charity. And because that is such a great cause, there's a lot of support in this household.

Run, crochet!Castiel, run! )

Misha just started running so if you can, please support him and Random Acts by making a pledge per km or a flat donation. :)
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As you might remember, crochet!Castiel was pretty upset by crochet!Lucifer's arrival. So I felt I should make it up to him and introduce another member to the crochet!family.

Who could it be? )
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It took me a little more than two months but I've kept my promise to Mark Pellegrino:
Crochet!Castiel got company. He didn't particulary like the news but that's the thing with family. They tend to turn up unexpectedly and you can't just send your big brother away again, can you?

family reunion )
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Meet Castiel )

Again, thank you so much, [ profile] dimturien. He's really great. :)

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