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The coffee lounge started with Misha coming in and shouting "Quiet!" He looked very pleased when we really did all go quiet.
New life goal: Once, just once, do not do what Misha tells you to do.
After a while someone asked him if we were allowed to talk again now. It seems we were, and we talked about quite a few things.

Castiel, West, Gishwhes and the gender of angels )

I tried recall everything as objectively as possible, but particularly with the parts about Castiel there is obviously a bit of interpretation on my part. Please be aware of that.
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I'm back from another brilliant convention with great guests, both actors and fans.

I have about 600 photos to sort through but I'll try to upload them within the next week.
There will, of course, also be photo ops, and a report about the Misha coffee lounge on Saturday afternoon and possibly the Meet & Greet. I'm just not sure I remember much from the latter other then drinking Vodka with Misha.
If you have any preferences what you want to see first, let me know.

Misha, Rob, Julian, Mitch, Amy, Lindsey and Katie )

Of course, a convention could never be the same without all the amazing fellow fangirls you meet there:
A big thank you to [ profile] rinnus and [ profile] seriesjunkie23 for an amazing weekend, and very fun and naughty breakfast.
@camuizuuki, @yadirafrances and @dertantesam, it was so great meeting you girls. The Saturday night concert was so much fun!
[ profile] raths_kitten and [ profile] ongiara, it seems I kinda lost you guys at some point. I hope you had just as much fun as we had.
[ profile] absdax! Loved seeing you again. I'm sorry, we didn't really have the time to talk but it was fun just randomly running into each other all the time.
[ profile] littlehollyleaf, it was so great to finally meet you in person. See you in Rome! SEBASTIAN!
[ profile] takadainmate, it took us some time to find each other but we did succeed in the end. So good to see you again.
And to everyone else I met and talked to during the weekend: You were all so much fun to be around! You all are the reason I feel more comfortable at accepted at conventions than anywhere else, so I hope to see you all again at future conventions.
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This is the last batch of Asylum 6 photos. Only the masterpost missing now, and then I'll stop spamming you.

Everyone's new favourite couple :p )

Please comment and credit if you take
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And we move on to the second day of the convention:

My favourite archangel and my favourite demon conspiring and breaking the fourth wall )

Please comment and credit if you take.
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Front row seat for the concert means that I have so many pictures that I have to split them up into two posts if I don't want to risk breaking LJ. ;)
For some reason, a lot of my pictures are of Richard again. I blame it on the fact that Mark wasn't there.
Also: Sorry, Jason! I know it was actually your concert, and there would be more pictures of you, but the microphone and your guitar was always in the way.

Jason, a guitar, everyone, and that archangel again )

Please comment and credit if you take.
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I was late for Jared's panel, so I stood in the far back of the hall. I was pretty far back for the J2 one as well. That's why I hardly have any photos of those two panels. And the ones I have aren't too great. They are still better than the "good" ones with my old camera, though. And it's the only ones of Jared I took all weekend. So I decided to leave them here for you anyway:

The boys )

Please comment and credit if you take.
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Here are 74 pictures of Richards panel. The only part of the con of which I have more pictures is the Saturday night concert. And a big part of those are of Richard as well. Seems I can never resist an angel.

My favourite archangel. With a guitar. )

Please comment and credit if you take.
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Only the most awesome person in the entire sci-fi genre )

Please comment and credit if you take.
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Jensen's panel was the very first one of the con, and he was in a really good mood. I think you can tell from the pictures.

click at own risk )

Please comment and credit if you take.
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I'm back from a fun Asylum 6.

No detailed con report this time from me, I'm sure there are plenty out there. I brought tons of pictures instead. I'll post them panel by panel, so expect picspams in the next few days. My photo-ops will follow as soon as I get them. So far, I only have my Richard op. I'm still missing Mark and Richard, Cindy, Gen, and Danneel.

The guests, autographs, and a concert gone mad )

Last but not least, thank you so much [ profile] seriesjunkie23, [ profile] hugemind, [ profile] absdax, [ profile] myjedimindtrick and @margauxdemerle for being generally amazing people to hang out with. The con could never have been that much fun without you. I miss you guys, and I hope to see you again soon.

And now have a few photos from the Opening Ceremony as a teaser of what is about to come:

Awesomeness under here )
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Rogue Events just announced Misha and Rob Benedict for Asylum 7! Yay!
Very happy about both of them, but particularly about Misha, of course. I really didn't like having no con with him planned.
I have only heard good and sweet things about Rob as well and I'm definitely looking forward to meeting him. After all, it's not every day that you get a chance to meet God, right? ;)

I'm slightly confused, though. After Sebastian's tweet a few days ago, I was absolutely convinced he'd be one of the two guests announced today. It was Misha I wasn't sure about.

Ah, well, I guess they'll announce him later then, right? He sounded pretty sure about that "SPN UK convention in October." And then I'll have my two angels together at the same con. How amazing is that? :D
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If I had a Misha morning on Saturday, I had a Mark morning on Sunday.

Mark Panel )

Mark and Aldis Panel )

Mark Coffee Lounge )

Aldis Panel )

Jake Panel )

Misha Panel )

Julie and Jake Panel )

Closing ceremony )
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First of all I have to say that this time things ran really smoothly. Apart from Saturday morning we were pretty much always on time which has to be a first. There was no standing around in queues for ages either and despite having 6 photo ops and two coffee lounges I missed very little of the panels. The attendees were amazing too, there where hardly any inappropriate questions and the guests were simply fantastic and just had a great chamistry together.

Misha, Aldis, Julie, Jake, Fred and Jason Panel )

Misha Coffee Lounge )

Misha Panel )

Jake and Julie Panel )

Fredric Panel )

Autographs Misha, Jake and Julie )

Aldis Panel )

All guests )
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I'm doing this slightly out of order because the Meet&Greet was on Saturday evening. But it was the most fun and amazing hour of the weekend - with Misha's panel on Sunday being the runner up - so it just has to go first.

The great gummi bear wars )
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I'm back from Asylum 5 where Misha told us that Castiel is gay, lost his virginity to Balthazar and is apparantly Dean's wife. Furthermore, Misha overshares. And I hope he buys a new mattress.

Also: character spoiler )

Explanations, detailed reports of panels, meet&greet and coffee lounges as well as photos and even a video will follow soon. After I get some sleep.

For mow let me just tell you that this con was just amazing!
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I went to see the Circus Roncalli with my parents and my grandmother last night. It's a pretty big and famous German circus that is currently in the area for some guest performances and it does have everything you would expect from a circus, except any animals other than horses, and that does make you feel like being a child again for three hours. It's silly - in a good way - stunning and magical, sometimes all at once.
We had seats in the front row so were were pretty much right in the middle of it. We were a little afraid that it may be a rather dangerous place to be as well because we had heard that they included the audience once in a while. But you weren't really safe anywhere.

All you need is laugh )

Talking about Confetti! It's a parade!, I'll be on my way to another, even more exciting event, early tomorow morning. I'm so much looking forward to seeing Misha again and meeting Mark Freaking Sheppard. And Aldis, Julie, Jake, Fredric, Jason and a bunch of crazy and amazing Supernatural fans.

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