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For no particular reason I have decided that I need a introductory post for all my ships that include Misha and Sebastian, or characters they have played (or should play). As in, those two together, not one of them with other characters. That's an entirely different post.
I may not be 100% serious about all of these ships, but I do have a soft spot for every single one of them.

Because 6 seasons between them is not an obstacle (some gifs under the cut) )
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Even though Misha wasn't there for the M&G - he was still in his way from Greece to Germany - it is currently holding second place for my favourite M&G ever, just after the one at A5 (nothing will ever beat the gummi bear wars).

lots of silliness )
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I'm back from JIB Con, caught up on some sleep, and now I'm trying to sort my thoughts, impressions and about 530 pictures.

First of all, I loved this convention. The good, the bad, and the crazy )

As for the guests: Sebastian was the only one I hadn't met before, so I'll concentrate on him. Just know that everyone else was just as lovely as they always are.

Sebastian in general and at the Meet&Greet (includes a spoiler for Criminal Minds and his upcoming movie) )

Pictures and photo ops will follow as soon as the LJ scrapbook stops being bitchy.
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Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Castiel, Balthazar, Misha, Sebastian
Rating: PG
Warnings: mixing fiction and reality without any explanation (and by 'reality' I mean more fiction), unbeta’d
Disclaimer: Castiel and Balthazar belong to each other, Misha and Sebastian belong to themselves. Or something like that.
Word count: 566
A/N: I wrote this on tumblr for [ profile] 9_of_clubs. We were talking about Nashcon and about how similar Balthazar and Sebastian seem to be at times, and about how we would like to show Balthazar that happy version of himself. And somehow this ficlet happened and turned out completely different and more angsty than planned.

He reminds me of you... )

Vamped Out

Sep. 15th, 2011 04:07 pm
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Did you know that our favourite decadent angel, shapeshifter and soon to be vampire hunter is also a vampire himself?

Me neither, until I looked through Sebastian's filmography and found a show I had never heard of. It turned out to be a web based show.

It's funny, it has Sebastian, what more do you want? )
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I just bought my pass for JIB III.
I didn't manage to get one of the demon passes they put back on sale today - even though I sent my email 3 seconds after 6 p.m. - so I had to settle for a hunter pass.
It still sucks that I won't be able to see the panels live in the stage hall, but I just didn't want to risk all the passes selling out. Plus, I might still get the chance to upgrade, who knows.

For now, I'll just look at it this way: I saved what? 200 Euros? So I can spend that entire money stalking Sebastian all weekend whenever he's not in the panel room. Doesn't sound too bad if you ask me.

Guys, I'm going to JIB III! I'm going to meet Sebastian! \o/

I also just got my A7 confirmation. It's con day today, apparently.
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Today is my favourite French-Scottish angel/shapeshifter/geneticist's birthday. And what better way to celebrate a day like this than with a picspam?

Happy birthday, Sebastian Roché!

Fun and naughtiness and one video under here )

Credit: Mostly promo shots and @sebroche. I don't remember where the con pictures are from. Let me know, and I'll credit
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From an interview with Sebastian:

slightly spoilery )

You can find the interview in its entirety here. It is worth reading, and just so very Sebastian. ♥

There is also another interview with him, again only very vaguely spoilery, that includes this:

Roché, who is quickly becoming a staple at fan conventions, pointed out that now is the time in the television landscape to really interact with the fans and bring them into the dialogue of the show. It is just so easy to, especially with things like Twitter right at everyone's fingertips.
"The response is overwhelming, and for what it's worth I haven't really heard one negative thing. Well, maybe that's just because those who don't like me aren't Tweeting me, but still."
He encourages the interaction because it's a way to connect with the fans and let them know that they (as members of the cast, or even crew) appreciate the support.

D'awwwwww! ♥
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First of all: Thank you, [ profile] raths_kitten for your Valentine vgift. My mystery gift turned out to be a squirrel. How very perfectly Random Act-y. :)

While I was spending the last few days on my sofa, because I was/am sick, there where three things that brightened up my days immensely: Tweets from a certain actor of French and Scottish heritage, episode stills from a certain episode, and my ever wonderful Rhino Team 4.

Last night, Sebastian Roché had this little, still unofficial, bit of news for us:

When I read it for the first time last night, I completely missed that it said UK convention, which means that it can only be Asylum 7. Guys, it looks like I'm going to meet Sebastian in October! Now, if they announce Misha as well, that weekend is going to be the very definition of my own personal heaven.

There are also some pictures floating around the net that most of you have probably seen by now, but which I just can't leave uncommented:

As spoilery as episode stills combined with the overall episode theme happen to be )

Bottom line: I need to see this episode, like right now! This is going to be the most insane and epic hour of television we will ever witness. Who cares if we will all lose whatever is left of our sanity in the process.

As for the Rhino Hunt: I promise you'll get an update this weekend on how amazing Team 4 continues to be. It will possibly even include a video of our biggest master piece and proof of team spirit. *g*

Odyssey 5

Dec. 26th, 2010 11:42 pm
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To be honest, I didn't expect much from this show when I asked for the DVDs for Christmas. I only wanted it because it has Sebastian Roché in a leading role and I figured that even if it turned out to be a rather trashy scifi show it would probably still be entertaining.

Five episodes into the show, it turns out that, despite the rather ridiculous initial set-up and the not too great special effects, the show is actually pretty good. It has episodic storylines, that always add something to the big arc, it has interesting characters that struggle with this weird situation they're thrown into, the weight on their shoulders and their relationships with each other. It's a group of very different characters, thrown together by the cause of events. They have their differences, but they learn to trust each other and become a team.

some very general spoilers but no major plot points )
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I enjoyed Fringe from the beginning but, let's be honest, in season 1 the storyline was pretty much all over the place. Things seemed a lot more structured in season 2 but, at least to me, the show still felt a little unbalanced at times. But now, in season 3, all the background is laid and the show seems to have really found itself.

Spoiler for Fringe 3x04 )

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