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The Nikita finale. What a ride! What a perfect episode.

I admit, I bought it. I completely bought Nikita's breakdown and search for revenge and the team ending up working against each other. And I think I mostly bought it because everyone looked so torn between what they thought was right and their love for each other.

I was shocked at the way Nikita (seemingly) just went around killing the shop members one by one without the slightest hint of hesitation or remorse. At one point I found myself thinking that it's almost like watching her turn into Amanda.

And the worst part was the thought that, while she was going for ending it all and revealing the truth, it was certainly not what Ryan would have wanted. It was like watching everything he died for happen and fall apart at the same time. And that was painful, but it did make sense for the characters.

Nikita reaching her breaking point. Almost being able to see Michael's heart break because he loves her so much but couldn't support this. Birkhoff choosing Nikita's side, Alex choosing Michael's, Sam trying to bring Nikita back by tapping into Owen. The entire team, all trying to do the right thing and breaking apart in the process.

It is a finale that could have happened, and would have worked. It would have been the painful choice, the one that tells you that, in the end, they could never really win.

But then... the big twist, made so much sweeter by the knowledge of how bad it could have gone. I'm almost certain the deceit is what would have happened if Nikita didn't have every single person on her team, her family. That really was the theme brought over from the episode before. Amanda's downfall was not seeing that Nikita isn't alone anymore, that she has people who will keep her grounded.

And that's why we got a happy ending. The one that could have turned cheesy but didn't, because they all fought for it so hard and deserve it so much. And they all still have something left to do. They will all continue their fights. Just now it's on their own terms.

Alex is making use of her spotlight with Sam by her side.

Birkhoff is revealing himself and giving shadownet to the public. His comment on "open-source anarchy" made me laugh so hard. And just really the entire little stab at the NSA scandal was great.
I'm only sad that Sonya wasn't in the episode. She was part of the team and it feels wrong that she wasn't there at least for the last few scenes. But I guess Lyndie Greenwood was too busy with Sleepy Hollow.

Michael and Nikita will continue interfering wherever it is necessary. Otherwise they'd just get bored.

The one thing I will forever be most grateful for is that Ryan wasn't forgotten. He was there, the entire episode. From the scar on Amanda's face to the important information about Slocum. Everything that happened was tied to his sacrifice. When they all walked into the plane, I fully expected him to just be there. Then, throughout the entire (fake) crisis, his absence was so painfully obvious because usually he'd be the one to talk sense into Nikita, or talk to the military guys.

Even their happy ending was so much about him, more than would ever have expected. The star in the CIA memorial. Nikita's little vision of him, smiling at her and showing her that, even with Amanda and the job gone, there will still always be work for her to do. There will still always be wrongs for her to right.

Ryan was always the soul of the team for me. It is so great to see that even the show agree that this is exactly who he will always continue to be.

Goodbye, Nikita, and thank you for four fantastic seasons and a perfect finale.
It is always hard to see a great show go, but it's great to see it go the way it is supposed to: still strong and with a proper goodbye.
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