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I don't know if you guys ever heard about Kings. It's a show loosely based on the "Book of Samuel" and it's a fantastic show that was cancelled way too soon.
But at least we have those 13 episodes of season 1, right?

I was lucky enough to catch this show on Hulu a while ago and I decided that I want to do a rewatch, maybe including some episode reviews.

Hulu doesn't have it anymore.

Doesn't matter. I'd much rather own the show on DVD anyway.

So I went looking for it. There is a DVD box set. It's Code 1. Meaning my European DVD player (most likely) won't play it. I'm saying most likely because the first few SPN seasons actually worked anyway.

It's available on iTunes... if you live in the U.S. (Plus, I don't trust iTunes but that's a different topic.)

It's also available as an HD download on amazon, and that download let me make it all the way to typing in my credit card information and hitting purchase... before telling me that they couldn't sell it to me for "geographical restrictions".

Funny to hear complaints about the evil, evil people on the internet who want everything for free and refuse to pay for anything. Maybe it would help if you let them. Just a thought.
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