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Such a busy time of year when it comes to new shows.

It's pretty much as trashy as I expected. I just can't decide yet if charmingly or annoyingly so. The 'great destiny' part has me extremely cautious. Not sure I'm willing to deal with that again.
Unless I find myself bored on my weekends, I think I'll wait and maybe catch up sometime.
Oh, but if you're into gratuitous shirtless scenes you might want to check it out. It's pretty good with that.

Witches of East End
It could just as well be called Charmed reloaded. Even the house looks so similar that I'm not entirely certain it isn't the same one. It's not the exact same story. There are only two sisters, and their mother is still around. But it is the same idea of these sisters not knowing they are witches because their mother put them under a spell so they could grow up normal until, when they are in their 20s, something happens and they find out and have to start battling evil and curses while trying to continue with their normal lives. And as much as I loved Charmed back in the days, I don't think I need another version if it.

The Tomorrow People
You know the story: Troubled but kind teenager figures out that all his problems stem from him growing up not knowing he has special powers. He is found by a group of people just like him, who live underground and are each other's substitute family. There is an organisation hunting them while claiming they only act in everyone's best interest. Troubled teenager turns out to be some sort of chosen one and there are "unexpected" blood relations making everything even more complicated. So far it all looks very cliché, but there is always potential that this show may take some interesting turns once it has found its footing. So if I find the time, I might stick around to see where it goes.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
It's very obvious very quickly that this is a OUAT spin-off. It's actually even sillier than the original show. But it's fun silly, and Wonderland is such a great place to play in.
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