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I'm quietly amused at Tumblr talking about all the things we know after the Pretty Little Liars finale, because if you just take a second to think about it, we do not know a thing.

Ali is alive: Yeah, because a women we barely know said so. And even if we believe the story about how she dragged Ali out of the ground just in time and drove off with her: 1) the who was the body found and identified as Ali and b) who says that Ali is still alive to this day?

A is male: Because there where a few suits in A's lair? Have you ever seen A walk around in a suit? Me neither. There are probably a million possible reasons why A has them.

Cece is Red Coat: There were two Red Coats in this episode. One defintely Cece, one possibly Ali. So I guess the idea is that Cece was always the "evil" Red Coat and Ali always the "good" one. But: Aria cornered Cece pretty quickly. Weird considering how smart and elusive Red Coat usually is, isn't it?

Cece killed Wilson: This is the one that probably has the highest probability of being accurate. But we still don't know for sure. In this show, you cannot rely on a witness you barely know, even if he has proven helpful so far. I also can't quite remember: Did he actually see Cece kill Wilden? Or was she just there? And even if it was Cece, who says that it had anything to do with A?
Overall, I'm still leaning towards Cece being a red hering.

It's Ezra's time to be shady: Yeah, he looked confused more than anything. I'm pretty sure he either got a note from A or just followed the girls for some reason and has no idea what's going on.

The only thing we do know is that things are getting more and more dangerous for the girls and their loved ones. Whether Red Coat 1 really wanted Emily to die, and she was only saved by Red Coat 2, or whether the plan always was to only scare them, we can only guess.

We also know that Mona is still alive and well. And it sure does look like she's scheming, including her own disappearance. But even that we cannot know for sure.
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