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The very last scene aside, this felt more like a final episode, not just a mid-season finale.

I don't even feel like talking too much about what happened in the episode, and more about where that leaves everyone:

Scott is now the alpha of the pack, and I'm pretty sure that doesn't just involve the werewolves - which, at the moment, would just be Isaac. Stiles is still his best friend, and it almost seems like they're back where we met them, but of course they aren't the same people. Everything has changed, they have changed and grown as characters; they look at their world in a different way. And I think that's what gave this episode such a finale feel.

"My mother told me you were a man of vision once."
Deucalion is gone with a second chance, probably for good. I like that it's Derek who starts with the speech to him and Scott who finishes it. It's like Derek's last act as an alpa before he hands that responsibility over to Scott.
He'd probably make a better alpha now that he isn't one anymore. But I think he'll be happier this way.
He leaves town with Cora, which I guess makes them both omegas. I wonder if that means that Derek will actually be off the show, at least for a while. I actually don't think that's a bad idea. The dynamics are changing anyway with everything that's happened, Derek has had a rather satisfying end to his story arc. He's found his sister, and I'm sure he's also found some peace. Like Scott says, maybe he'll be okay somewhere else. So why not explore what Beacon Hill will be like without him? After all, he can always come back when the time is right.
I doubt he'll be gone for long, though. His character is just way too popular. And let's not even start with the shippers.

... and the rest of the alpha pack
Kali is dead, I guess. Or maybe not. Who knows. I'm really not happy that she was (probably) killed off. I get Jennifer, but Kali seemed unnecessary, especially considering that the twins and even Deucalion survived.
Both Aiden and Ethan are pretty much part of the group now. They're alphas without a pack, so I'm not sure how that'll work out. But the important part is that they both came through. Ethan and Danny look happy together. And Aiden and Lydia, we'll see where that leads.

"We protect those who can't protect themselves."
The Argent family is back, and their women of the family as leaders rule obviously still stands. But Allison changes the code. Protectors instead of hunters.
I love everything about this scene. That Chris is listening to his daughter, and takes her seriously, how much he has grown and learned from his experiences and that he is willing to try again and do it right this time. He and Allison will make a great team.

I'm so very glad that they don't seem to be turning Isaac, Allison and Scott into one of those love triangles. Allison and Isaac may or may not happen. Personally, I prefer them as friends, but whatever makes them happy. And judging from the last scene, Scott cares about them both enough not to let that ruin his friendship with either. He even seems happy for them.
I just really, really hope that they won't go and define Isaac by his relationship with Allison or anyone else in the second part of the season. He has enough to offer as a character in his own rights.

Scott's father will surely cause some trouble. For now, he's simply not welcome. I love Melissa's secret little smile when Scott closes the door in his face.

"I am the alpha!"
The only part I'm not at all happy with, is the very last scene. Peter could have left with Derek and Cora, but now it looks like he stayed behind just to turn back from sassy uncle Peter into the villain. After an entire (half) season of learning that he isn't all dead on the inside, and that he does care about his family, no matter how much he tries to hide it, that's just very disappointing. Obviously he was never going to be one of the "good guys" but what I love most about him is that he seemed very comfortable in his morally dark grey area, and that's where I want him to stay.
But who knows, a lot of the "villains" on this show turn out not to be all that evil, so maybe we'll learn that there's more to this than Peter striving for power. I sure hope so.

Overall, I'm very grateful that there is some reward and happiness for the pack (and friends) before darkness strikes again. I'm grateful that no one was killed off for the sake of more angst. I'm grateful that, even though this show has turned darker over time, there is still room for genuine smiles and hope and positivity.

...Look For Your Friends Instead.
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