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Because [ profile] rinnus complained that I'm not doing these posts anymore, and because there are a few new very promising shows this summer.

An ABCFamily show that has quite a bit of a Pretty Little Liars feel to it. The basic story is, that 16-year-old Danny returns to his home town after he has spend five years in juvenile prison for killing his aunt. No one knows why he did it, and he is not telling anyone. so when there is another murder in town he very quickly becomes the prime suspect.

Under The Dome
A small town suddenly finds itself trapped under an invisible force field. No one can get out, no one can get in, and some people seem to have a few secrets. Whether those secrets have anything to do with this mysterious event remains to be seen.
The show's concept kinda feels like something we have all seen before but that's no necessarily a bad thing. After all, that doesn't mean that you have any idea what's really going on in this version of the story.
It also has Colin Ford and, guys, he's all grown up.

Siberia is about a reality tv show gone wrong; mostly because they picked the wrong place, a place were strange things are happening. It was supposed to be a game, until the strange noises started and people ended up dead.
Again, not exactly a new concept, but entertaining. If you've seen The River: It reminds me a lot of that show.
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